10 Top Marketing Tips For Cash Gifting-jodie foster

Internet-Marketing I would like to share my 10 Marketing tips for my fellow Cash Gifters. These free and inexpensive tips has helped me get my recommend referrals in only 2 weeks. I make sure that I share these tips with my downline but when they get paid, you get paid. This is definitely not a competition. Tip 1: Pay someone way in. Once you help them get their required referrals, you have made your money back plus more. It’s putting faith in the Cash Gifting Programs. It will help convince your leads that the cash gifting must work, why else would you pay their way in. Tip 2: Get free unlimited leads , post a wordpress blog, and advertise all from one site site .linkbee.com/freeleads Tip 3: Post Local Ads. You have less competition off line. The town is yours. Tip 4: Sign up for free phone marketing (use your free leads with phone #s) @ .linkbee.com/phonemarketing . Just record your message about Cash gifting and they will send you out to your friends, family, or leads within minutes. Tip 5: Go to vista print & order business cards ( pass them out to everyone), Post Cards ( Great ROI: use with free leads), Rubber Stamp (Stamp every piece of outgoing mail with your Cash Gifting site), and a Car Door Marketing Magnet ( 24 hours of Effortless and Genius Marketing). Tip 6: Add your Cash Gifting site to your email signature. (Just remember, when you forward that piece of email you may get from friends that your website is now being forwarded also. Tip 7: Get a toll free number to place on your business cards and Ads. This will increase your response rate by 95%. You can get a $2 monthly toll free number @ .linkbee../tollfree. Tip 8: Post on popular Social Networks: Propeller, MySpace, Digg, Delicious, Twitter, Tagza, Newsvine, Swik.net, Technorati, Stumbleupon, Reddit, Fark, Furl.net , Backflip.., Connotea.org, Zenzuu and Direct Match Tip 9: Post on Popular advertising Sites like Craigslist, BackPage, and Text R US. Tip 10: Word of Mouth. Always the best and cheapest form of advertisement. Apply all of these marketing tips and .bine with the marketing tips that are in the cash gifters back office and you are sure to succeed with Cash gifting. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: