Li Yi China is too afraid to regret in fact we fear Iran (video) helmet怎么读

Li Yi: China is too afraid to regret in Iran also fear we [] in Iran 0-0 report CengCheng back injury Wu Lei missed pole Li Yi from Iran on our home court to get 1 points, on the whole still can make people satisfied. After all, we have 15 years did not participate in the final stage of the World Cup qualifying game, football has dramatically changed, to be able to stand on the stage, and can with the strongest opponent does not strive, is not easy. Our confidence depends on the performance of a little bit of accumulation, which is a happy place to play. Of course, we should also see the second half of the Chinese team is very promising to get 3 points, but unfortunately did not grasp the absolute opportunity. May feel with the Iran game, we are a bit too afraid of the strength of the opponent and the two teams to play against scores. In fact, the Iran team is not in their best period, although ranked first in Asia, but the game can be seen, the Iran players physical condition, their minds are not in the best condition, so before Carlos said it would be a hard game, and not deliberately low, it should be said that they are actually some fear Chinese team. Iran’s previous best high closing down and front continued repression, the game reflected in the first 25 minutes, with the passage of time, they gradually put troops retreated to the back, can be said that the opponent is ran 1 points to the. 12 rounds of two rounds of the game, the Chinese team has been the same group with the strongest of the two opponents have a confrontation, and overall performance is commendable. But only through these two balls, they want to give the Chinese team in the group to do a positioning, it is too difficult. The first two played well, in fact, we are prepared to be more relevant. Wait until the back of Syria, Qatar, the 55 open game, how to break the opponent’s goal, is a greater test. When you want to win the match, means you will also give the opponent an opportunity. So we can’t say with the ball home court in Iran discharged 5 defenders is conservative, because when we face the strength of the opponent, you must first consider yourself in an invincible position, and then thinking how to defeat the opponent. China needs a little bit of confidence when it comes to attack and score goals, maybe a lot of people feel sorry for Miss Wu Lei Juesha opportunities. But we also want to look at the problem from two aspects, although there is no break very sorry, but if it is not Wu Lei, it may not appear in that position, he was able to run out of opportunity, which is also the ability. And at the club, Wu Lei is not the true sense of the center, but more as a winger and striker role, is a big difference with the traditional type of Technology Center, I think we still have to give the players understanding and support. Another striker Zhang Yuning as a less than 20 year-old, in such an important occasion to start, and played the offensive fulcrum role, I think his performance hit 75 points above. It can be said that Zhang Yuning himself has a good striker potential, he needs more high level of game experience. I think as long as there is a chance, Zhang Yuning still want to continue to stay in Europe to play, to grow more experience is on the one hand, on the other hand, once back.相关的主题文章: