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Hu Ge long Thanksgiving was killed in a car accident the fans recall former Assistant – Sohu micro-blog entertainment screenshot Hu Ge (map) Sohu entertainment news November 11th night, Hu Ge sent a long Thanksgiving remembrance of fans, former assistant Zhang Mian died in a car accident. Hu Ge wrote: "micro-blog said twelve years is a cycle, this year is" brother Gu Yue "is the tenth year of fate, my ashes, at this moment to express my gratitude to you, I want you here and look at the future belongs to us." Hu Ge also recalled ten years ago, and he was in a car accident, but was killed in a car accident assistant Zhang Mian. August 2006, Hu Ge unfortunate accident, with the car assistant Zhang crown accident. Hu Ge said: "if the crown in the world, she should have a wife and mother! With her master of Beijing Normal University film school degree in business must also great! But she eventually left, ten years later, I will be the same as she imagined it? I’m not sure, I don’t want to. The crown is one of the most optimistic girl, and her work together is always the light of heart from care. This feeling seems to be very far away from me, through the ups and downs of up to today, have tasted the sour, sweet, bitter, hot, the results look very beautiful." Following is the full text: micro-blog 12 years ago today, online shopping has not been popular, singles are yet to be named in November 11th, only a small part of the festival that day, "Gu Yue brother" website was formally established, my fans have a shelter, but in my life, from this more than a special blue. Because I love blue since childhood, pepper appeal to me, will be defined as fans will be the official blue color, it is a happy thing for me, as long as one day rise, can feel you. Some people say that company is the most long love, you and I together through the 12 years, I have experienced career and life a lot of heat and cold, you like the sea and the sky, inclusive of my boat, the wind. I am glad to have chosen the actor of this occupation, in addition to flowers and applause, but also let me harvest such a lovely group of partners. Because you are my character come to my world, come into my life, you may not have seen me, but the troubles of the world, in order to protect me, and at others was flushed and in order to make me all night on the network, even if only because I am a little concerned about the life rush about telling the news around spreading performance. On the spot, the cause of the fire, let me go today. 12 years, great changes have taken place in the world, the Internet takes life, virtual and reality is no longer quite distinct from each other, but in my eyes, you will always be that a clear blue, a blue mist to the remotest corners of the globe. My this feeling comes from so many years together, from me to your knowledge and understanding, from the major life from the node, even if I shed the actor’s aura, you never left the friendship. 13 years – 14 years, I went to the stage, I rarely screen works, blue house 1相关的主题文章: