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The autumn of 7 great place to admire autumnal scenery! Sohu – education as the weather gradually cold, autumn imperceptibly come, this is a small part of the love season — always make people happy The sky is clear and bright.. But when the trees put on autumn and autumn tours will become the people to experience the natural landscape of the most simple but perfect way. So, in the United States or overseas students going to study in the United States buddies, particularly want to know what you can admire autumnal scenery places in the United States! Today, Xiaobian to introduce several United States perfect place to enjoy the autumn leaves, we can refer to oh! Take a look at the United States can enjoy the main distribution map of leaves! Marked in different regions of the mature stage in red. The students soon see, your state leaves maturity. 1.ASPEN, if Colorado asked the United States the most beautiful autumn in Colorado, where the absolute best. Autumn is colorful, red and yellow are synonymous with it. At the end of September, the mountains have started to snow, and the mountain at the foot of the tree gradually turned from green red yellow. Ride on the road, the shuttle in a piece of autumn leaves, the feeling is beautiful too. Walk in every corner of the state, you can see the beautiful scenery, thick of autumn floods in the air, so happy. 2 Central Park, New York, New York is a large city of high-rise buildings, but the international metropolis has a central area of 340 hectares of green space, known as the "back garden" of New York". Here is the New York city’s most popular autumn tours — Central Park. In autumn, the leaves in the Central Park will change color, red maple leaf, yellow ginkgo, and other various shades of color in the sun shine under the swaying posture of health. Spend an afternoon here, walk in the park at random, sit on the bench, watching the couple in the lake about love, see the elderly chat on the bench, watching the children playing, sometimes there are street performers, leisurely and carefree in the park, is really a kind of enjoyment. 3 BERKSHIRES, Massachusetts wants to escape from New York, Boston, Philadelphia these stressful urban life, Berkshires provides you with world-class landscape art. Beautiful scenery, lush forests, 35 miles of highway Jacob ‘s Ladder Scenic landscape Byway, there is a highway 20 South of the Berkshire mountains are a good place to red. 4.COLUMBIA RIVER GORGE, Oregon, Columbia River Canyon is a canyon located in the Pacific Northwest region of the United States of the Columbia River, between Oregon and Washington, canyon depths up to 1200 meters, the length of 130 kilometers, with the Columbia River meandering through the Cascade Mountains, is the natural boundary of the north coast of Washington and oregon. The fall of the Columbia River Valley is a fascinating place to give natural lovers the best place to experience the beauty of autumn. This valley the most species is a large maple, poplar, Fraxinus wood, they fall!相关的主题文章: