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The construction of a Songjiang Gallery of nine new progress has been made in the 60 policy implementation since the G60 Shanghai Songjiang branch corridor to promote the construction of the General Assembly convened after the development of the cause of the Songjiang branch has touched your buddy. Today, Komatsu will take you a look at the latest developments in the construction of G60 branch corridor down: a gallery of nine new progress has been made in the "group of three" push forward the work of "a gallery of nine" in the capital expansion of investment projects 103, plans a total investment of 8 billion 645 million yuan, accounting for 94.5%. In addition, in the G60 branch under the guidance of new land corridor, has thoroughly collected enterprises to improve the volume of the intention of the project 31; growth, innovative projects 234, among them, 10 municipal enterprise technology center, technology center district 63 enterprises; municipal new special expertise of 64 companies; 1 listed companies in Hongkong home, home on the main board listed 1 enterprises, 3 enterprises listed on the gem, small board listed companies 1, three new board listed companies 30; 2015 annual innovation transformation demonstration enterprise title of 16. A corridor nine areas within the scope of growth, innovative projects, accounting for 93%, accounting for 217. Preliminary results show the policy to promote the implementation of policies landing 60 branch. Since the two quarter, the District Economic Commission issued a strategic emerging industries, and cultural and creative projects, the headquarters of the economy, professional services, such as the reporting of the 4 Modern Service Industry Project Guide to the 11. The District Commission released the integration of the two, 4 patent pilot project reporting guidelines, revised the 4 innovation policy, improve the supporting amount of funds, optimize the way of financial support. District Talent Service Center issued the personnel policies and reporting procedures, the classification that the 282 talents, pay 2 million 840 thousand yuan to support the implementation of the policy to support the use of talent, talent development funds of approximately 28 million 300 thousand of the total (including education, health system, personnel support funds) to complete the annual budget of about 74% of household registration, the introduction of talents more than 800 people, a residence permit integration the introduction of talent 1500 people, an increase of more than 20%. This year, the district finance has been allocated G6O policy involving special funds 150 million yuan. District Development and Reform Commission, the management committee opened the examination and approval of major projects Easy Access, the first batch of the implementation of 16 key industrial projects. District Market Authority timely formulate "on the active docking G60 Shanghai Songjiang branch corridor construction opinions", to "new high quality standards, recommended Thyssen Krupp to participate in the Shanghai quality award selection, appliances and auspicious aluminum plastic declaration Su Zhejiang Anhui Jiangxi Shanghai brand 50 honorary title, organized 35 companies reporting fifth Songjiang District mayor Quality Award, Shanghai famous 66 companies reporting, recommended 33 trademarks in Shanghai famous trademark evaluation. Study and formulate relevant supporting policies. Study and formulate the "Songjiang District on accelerating G60 Shanghai Songjiang branch corridor construction planning of land policy implementation measures". Further focus on a corridor nine areas and key industries, based on the existing 60 policies, according to the different functional sectors of the industry positioning, focusing on security.相关的主题文章: