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Friends become lovers! Ruby Lin and Wallace Huo love exposure Ruby Lin and Wallace Huo love exposure Sina entertainment news according to Taiwan media reports, the artist Ruby Lin and Wallace Huo announced from the [micro-blog] intercourse, marriage, pregnancy less than half the time, progress, they upgraded from 10 friends to become husband and wife, when interviewed recently revealed had been not beyond friendship "this line, and finally try to break a further relationship, also share and the man from lovers into couples, and along the way, change the mentality of the. Ruby Lin recently accepted the fashion magazine "Claire" interview, asked how Wallace Huo and from friends to lovers, privately said the two sides have talked about this, "in fact, with the opposite sex friends to a certain extent, occasionally ask yourself if what will happen together." But will a lot of concerns, fear of losing a good friend, after all lovers may break up, it is difficult to go back to the original, but now 2 people regardless of age or have been very mature attitude, not necessarily going to break up, they will not return to friends, "don’t try, how do I know he is not suitable that person? Doesn’t seem to be a pity." In addition, Ruby Lin admitted that after marriage, the two sides had their own work to visit each other. Filming, think this state is good, laughed and said "don’t quarrel all day together, may also sleep in the same bed, cherish love when 2 people alone, because they do not know the future will be what has changed, after getting married, but very practical, not easy to be outside interference, and will have more sense of responsibility, also revealed that Wallace Huo does not love lively, privately eat no more than 3 people, she is the opposite, so just to give each other space, let the other party to have a sense of security. Finally, Ruby Lin also said that the public affair felt relieved, I can finally go out to work in just ways ", but still have to feel better than do my friends at all, but at least it is very magnanimous and generous, especially in this relationship changed a lot in the past, love the very headstrong, most of the time will only consider themselves less likely to think of the consequences, not absolute soft quarrel, not to hurry back, is shouting to break up, not afraid to hurt feelings, but it will stop and calm down, a lot of careless words a few seconds not loose blurt out, every word with immersed in the feeling of happiness. (ETToday) (commissioning editor: Lolo)相关的主题文章: