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Han Geng was a face denied speculation: does the recording? Public concern number Sina micro plastic, see more exciting original content! Original title: by SJ company face Han Geng said no need to hype, Captain Han Geng coined SJ Lee Teuk g the Han Geng studio micro-blog studio screenshot Sina entertainment news on September 21st, Han Geng studio issued "[micro-blog] micro-blog will bring us back if the time recorder" face back attack is speculation, said: "not to boring" a nonexistent telephone invented for speculation "." In an earlier interview Han Geng said that members of the Superjunior Lee Teuk phone and talked about the possibility of the ten anniversary of cooperation, but Superjunior’s independent label SJ Label has said that no matter. Today, Han Geng studio issued a document said: "for malicious damage we laugh." Hearing the crowd of fans said: "small studio official too awesome, Han Geng, do not spread rumors!" It is reported that Han Geng in the previous Chinese media said last year is the debut of Superjunior ten anniversary, he wanted to participate in the Superjunior ten anniversary and also for this reason and members of Superjunior Lee Teuk by telephone. But Superjunior’s independent label SJ Label yesterday said it confirmed that there is no Lee Teuk by telephone with Han Geng. A lot of friends on the matter issued a doubt: in the end who is lying?" Today Han Geng studio also refer to in the text: "do artists in the privately owned recording dinner talk on the phone?" Provoke fans have behind: "no matter how, we will continue to support Han Geng!" (Intern Feimao article) the full text of the article: I do not know why, a spring festival in 2015 and the old buddy at the reunion of the phone, a 2 months before the interview, how would suddenly become "a few days ago" news "". Artists interviewed sensitive questions asked, do not reply will be made articles. Do we know that the artist is not easy, but we absolutely do not accept not to distort the facts, more boring "invented a nonexistent telephone to the hype". Han Geng returned to the development of nearly 7 years, never stopped tattle and prate. In good faith to encourage us to be grateful, for malicious damage we laugh. Helpless, he honestly answered a question, but was fermented into this. Do you want to have a private dinner in a private conversation? More exciting content please pay attention to Sina micro-blog (female)相关的主题文章: