Huixian driver wearing police uniforms van on the road to take care of 申威1600

Huixian driver wearing police uniforms van on the road to take care of wearing fake police uniforms xiaomou was controlled by the police (intermediary for xiaomou) in order to satisfy their vanity, driving a truck on the road can be "care", who lives in Huixian xiaomou suddenly decided to get a body wearing fake police uniforms, a truck the law on the road, the police were on duty on the spot to see through, after being seized when the police inquiry, xiaomou argues that he does not know can not be lightly dressed in uniforms. November 1st evening 6 pm, city traffic management detachment seven Deputy brigade commander Zhang Qi led the police in the Yellow River road and South Ring Road crossroads on duty, suddenly found a truck loaded with cargo trucks traveling from north to south to the truck are obviously high overload violations. Police immediately approached the car stopped to check. When the car stopped, the police came to see, that the man drove even dressed in uniforms, a more careful look at each other, wearing uniforms while also wearing a police badges, Henan police badge and police, but was wearing a pair of casual shoes, covered with dust, the police on duty ye see ye wrong. See the police inspection, the man also exposed panic look. Police immediately suspected, then asked to get off the investigation. After checking the police found the man on the police uniforms produced rough, through the inquiry found that the police in the police information platform also do not have any information. In the face of the police inquiry, the man claiming to be surnamed Xiao, who lives in Hui County, he is not a police officer. According xiaomou account, he usually open truck delivery, the uniform is a few days ago someone gave his old clothes, he is in the car to wear on the body, is convenient to drive, but he does not know is not casually dressed in uniforms. (plain Evening News)相关的主题文章: