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Woman ten years to buy a house has not yet been transfer to give birth to all kinds of twists and turns the risk of loss of real woman Lee bought neighbor Wang’s house, lived for nearly ten years, the housing market is hot to remember to do the transfer, check, the situation is quite complicated, Lee had to litigate rights. Lee early in Hankou four public opinion to buy a set of housing. November 2004, Lee signed a purchase agreement with the neighbor Wang to 27 yuan to buy more than 107 square meters of housing. Since then, Lee Wang to pay 200 thousand yuan 1629, to pay the balance transfer. Wang will be handed over to the house lee. Lee will get through the two houses, living quite comfortably. Fast forward to May 2012, with the rapid rise in housing prices, Lee wanted to hurry up for transfer procedures, in order to avoid Undue delay may bring trouble. Could this Wang for various reasons to shirk. Lee ordered Wang to court. In December 2012, Qiaokou District Court confirmed Lee and Wang signed the purchase agreement, the transfer of housing to Wang Mouxu Lee name. Since then, Wang transfer no progress. Only one day, the bank staff to find Lee, claiming that Wang in January 2010 to 500 thousand yuan price, the real estate sold to Chen, and has been registered in the name of Chen chen. Chen and the housing as collateral, from bank loans 380 thousand yuan, the loan period of 20 years, from January 29, 2010 to January 29, 2030. Chen paid only 2 yuan, also less than $35 is not yet. The real estate auction for bank debt. Lee this look panicked, just looking for the whereabouts of Wang, but failed. In October 2015, Lee again Wang reported on Qiaokou District Court, and will also be a mystery buyer tied for the defendant chen. Wang Chen, the court has not yet legally summoned to appear in the proceedings, the court trial. After the court investigation, Wang, a woman named Chen, Chen and the buyer name, and date of birth is the same, but different ID number. Buyers of Chen’s residence to Dawu County of Hubei Province, is empty, the household registration information in Dawu County due to the double account has been canceled, to found Chen is Wang’s daughter. After the court held that Wang sold the house to Li Mouhou, and the house sold and transferred to his own daughter Chen, subjective malice. Chen in 9 days to complete the sale of housing, transfer, mortgage and a series of procedures, obviously unreasonable, the mother and daughter have malicious collusion is suspected, then the judgment confirmed that Wang and daughter Chen signed housing contracts of sale is invalid. Today, according to the trial judge Xie Lei introduction, bank loans more than 30 yuan shall be borne by the Chen Chen to pay, now unaccounted for, Lee to handle property right card, can only advance this 30 yuan loans to bank mortgage cancellation, to permit. To find the money to recover chen. The case to remind the world: to buy a house as soon as possible in order to prevent changes. Scan code attention [Chu Xiaogan], get more new information!相关的主题文章: