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Taiwan Association Super League Shangri-La station pars   oxygen warm water bag into standard player – Yunnan Channel – people.com.cn original title: Taiwan Association Super League Shangri-La station received warm water bag into standard oxygen player of Kunming team player Tang Jun domestic billiards community history the highest prize event — China Billiards Association Super League Shangri-La station, after fierce competition 4 days, 12 days in Shangri-La pars. The Nanjing team, Beijing team, Changsha 31 team won the top three, respectively, 500 thousand, 1 million and get 300 thousand Yuan grand prize. Most of the domestic new events to the event this year is the most important domestic new events, is the first implementation of team system of occupation Billiards Club League, the novel form and add a fire burning Chinese billiards market. It is understood that in August this year after Chinese Taiwan super player selection tournament, Beijing, carefully formed Nanjing, Qingdao, Wuhan, Changsha Shenyang, Kunming and other 12 club players in Shangri-La debut, the team gathered Chen Siming, Ke Bingyi, Yang Fan, Dai Yong Han Yu, a large number of world-class billiards master. China billiards association secretary general Wang Tao said: in the development of the sports industry, the professional league of any project will be the biggest event to promote the project. Now, the biggest innovation is China billiards association Premier League snooker, billiards, Chinese American 9 ball 3 projects at the same time, and with the club group entry. The contestants on behalf of the domestic Chinese and American 9 ball billiards and snooker players pay attention to the highest level, at the same time, training and potential value of mining, can be said to be the Chinese occupation of milepost billiards." According to statistics, China’s various types of billiards enthusiasts to reach 70 million people, the number of more than 100 thousand rooms, the average daily number of people involved in about 4 million people, more than 120 million of the audience. But with the influence of independent intellectual property rights of the local snooker tournament in the long absence of the state, a higher degree of commercialization of billiards sport is in the awkward professional turning point. China Billiards Association introduced a large number of mature international events, including China open, Shanghai masters, but the season is short and is a single game, it is difficult to form a long-term scale effect. At the same time, because the main star is involved, the lack of more down to earth users long-term attention. The Nanjing team successfully won the Nanjing team and the Beijing team’s final, but the Beijing star team at this time the situation is extremely unfavorable, winning only 3 projects in the back of the win can be reversed, but the Nanjing team only got a game to win a bonus of 1 million yuan can also get the game. Finally, Nanjing’s "billiards Prince" Ke Bingyi to 7:3 lore Zhang Ronglin, final Nanjing team won the super Taiwan (CBSL) Shangri-La winner. Full of cheers, the two teams of players shook hands and hugged each other, for this wonderful game, a strong opponent. After the game, Nanjing team captain Chen Siming said in an interview, every team is very important, his condition is not good, played two hours to adjust good state, his teammates are awesome, to win the championship is entirely on the close cooperation between teammates)相关的主题文章: