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15 ministries jointly issued by the State Council regulation of Internet financial   investigation — Shaanxi — request rectification channel people.com.cn 15 ministries jointly regulation of Internet banking Internet banking industry is undergoing a comprehensive physical examination. Yesterday, the State Council, the Internet financial risks special rectification work implementation plan notice (referred to as notice) requires the relevant departments for the Internet financial sector remediation. Subsequently, the CBRC, the Ministry of industry and other 15 ministries jointly issued the "P2P network lending risk special rectification work plan" (hereinafter referred to as the "plan"), a detailed description of the focus of the investigation contents and methods including P2P net loan, public equity raise, the third party payment of Internet financial industry. The CBRC said the special rectification work has been started in April 2016, will be completed before the end of January 2017. Do not have the financial qualifications of housing prices can not do P2P in the future, with the real estate business related to P2P products or equity raised products, people in the purchase should pay attention to their compliance. Notice focuses on the real estate involved in the P2P and raise the public interest in the issue of equity. China Banking Regulatory Commission in response to a reporter’s question, will also be involved in the real estate with the capital of the loan institutions included in the focus of the investigation object. "Notice" requirements, real estate development companies, real estate intermediary agencies and financial institutions such as the Internet has not obtained the relevant financial qualifications, and shall not make use of the P2P network lending platform and platform to raise public shareholding in the real estate finance business; obtain related financial qualifications, shall not violate the regulations to carry out the real estate finance related business. At the same time, it is necessary to regulate the Internet to raise the public to buy a house and other acts, prohibited all types of institutions to carry out the down payment loan nature of the business. In addition, the notice also pointed out that P2P and all the chips are not allowed to engage in asset management, debt or equity transfer, high risk securities market with capital and other financial services. Shall then manifest reasonable subsidies "notice", the Internet financial institutions to seize market share provides a high rate of return loss and reasonable subsidy and other acts of unfair competition to customers to standardize. Internet financial institutions may not be in a dominant or recessive way, through their own capital subsidies, cross subsidies or use other customer funds to provide customers with high return financial products." "Notice" pointed out that the China Internet Finance Association to establish expert review committee, the Internet Financial unfair competition behavior assessment identified. Currently, whether it is the third party payment industry or net loan and other industries, with subsidies to attract users of the phenomenon is very common. In the net loan industry, for example, many platforms will be based on the return of the new target on the basis of the original double, and to increase the rate of return on coupons to other customers in the form of old customers is not uncommon practice. Pat loan CEO Zhang Jun said that this practice is not included in the notice mentioned in the column to be further explained by regulators, but the next few years the industry may therefore reduce subsidies. "I think we should allow appropriate subsidies, if the subsidy funds accounted for relatively large, it should be disposed of." He suggested that the proportion of red line should be set at 10%. Beijing morning news reporter Jiang Fan相关的主题文章: