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Zhao Yinyin’s trip to Vienna for many international events show Chinese style – Zhao Yinyin and Zhao Huaiqiang’s Chinese entertainment Sohu Sohu entertainment news recently, a world class pianist, Zhao Yinyin was invited to Vienna as a gourmet international sommelier contest finals judges. After the game, as well as the competition for the Chinese players to win silver, Zhao Yinyin expressed some of his views. As a famous pianist internationally, but also with the Wine connoisseur, Zhao Yinyin said, can have the opportunity to be invited to the international level as the judges of the contest, is a good thing very rare. Wine from western culture, now not only China player with strength into the finals, even the judges also invited the Chinese, at least in the rapid development of Chinese Wine culture. Zhao Yinyin said, wine culture and the piano is similar to the western culture. It is not easy for the Chinese to have a project that has nothing to do with their national heritage, and to achieve the highest level in the world. Recall the youth participate in world-class piano competitions, Zhao Yinyin said with a smile, that’s their participating judges also are most Westerners, not so "internationalization". This can also be seen as a reflection of the overall improvement of the national economy and culture. As the only Chinese judges, in the face of the only Chinese players, Zhao Yinyin admitted that the game will pay more attention to how much of their own process. In view of the fight is the foreign culture, Zhao Yinyin before the game that the Chinese players are worried about. The sommelier is not only a test on the professional level, and contains all the drinks on the table. Including bubble water, coffee, and a suitable meal with wine, is a very comprehensive system. Chinese people often feel misunderstood, sommelier is blind tasting wine. In fact, the profession needs to have a complete understanding of all the food in the diet. The competition includes coffee items, Zhao Yinyin said that he had not been exposed to coffee before going abroad, it shows that Chinese players to participate in such games is not easy. At the same time, he also said: "of course, this is not the reason we win others sympathy, we do not need sympathy. Like when I was a kid, I had to go to the piano, and since you came into the system, you have to obey the rules of the game." Asked about the China players here highlights, Zhao Yinyin made no secret of their appreciation for him. "He was recognized and praised by all professional judges." "Especially when reporters reply he fluent English and global quick, all sorts of humor in western culture, the professional degree is very high, and he was the final player from all over the world only a blind tasting all the right people." When the final jury meeting, Zhao Yinyin again stated, "we China players basically have learned from textbooks can fully grasp, but to this wine a single most profound understanding of players. Including him as a sommelier, and guests in English to do all kinds of communication, but also the first." Get all the judges agree. The trip to Vienna, Zhao Yinyin summed up, I hope the Chinese wine sommelier do not only serve as an industry sommelier. Although red wine and classical music for us相关的主题文章: