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Jane Zhang how to let ma be assured? Zhang mother and Feng Ke tearing force was thrown into the public unlimited amplification, naturally attracted the public eye, in addition to worry about Zhang mother, the most difficult to estimate is Jane Zhang. One side is a single mother, while helping her boyfriend. In addition to a prenuptial agreement, Jane Zhang can have what way let mom be assured? Originally said mother-in-law see son-in-law more and more love, but Mr. Feng Ke is going to get over Jane Zhang’s mom visual difficult. Zhang mother issued an open letter, made it clear that her daughter married to Feng Ke. Subsequently, Feng Ke public response, saying that the two have a prenuptial agreement, he will have it. Finally, Zhang mother interviewed to disclose more insider relationships between the two. Jane Zhang home to prepare for the wedding, a mother to Jane Zhang what worry? "I don’t want my daughter to go on like this, and her body is not as good as before, and often stay up late ah, physical overdraft ah…… I feel so down, is for others to do the wedding dress." Zhang mother worried about 3, one is healthy, and the other is marital happiness, and the three is property security. So Zhang mother tried to stop her daughter married, the reporter asked whether Jane Zhang has registered marriage, Zhang mother is very reassuring to say, the account in my here". In fact, there is no account in the country to receive a marriage certificate is not difficult, with the identity card to open a household registration certificate can be. In addition, you can also apply for marriage formalities abroad. Therefore, the simple Zhang mother to stop her daughter married is not so easy to fear. Two, Zhang mother worried about the problem, Feng Ke answer? Zhang mother to Feng Ke the most primitive distrust, from the failure to explain his own marital status of Feng Ke. Unmarried to have a single proof, divorce should have a divorce certificate, at this time the certificate or the role of indestructible. Although we hate often asked to prove that my mom is my mom as hundreds of proof, but when the key apply, the other is the necessary material of marriage. In response, Feng Ke also admitted to conceal their married status on its in dealings with Jane Zhang, Zhang mother of Feng Ke’s character visible are worried about the A thing has its cause. About property issues, this is a very concerned about the issue of mother, Feng Ke’s 6 point reply almost all of the property and the 4. So, in the end he solved Zhang mother’s worry? 1, to say whether it is a gift or change of equity transfer, on behalf of the holders of such shares, Zhang mother slowly diluted is undoubtedly to suspicions of the. Without the consent of the shareholders equity is not the name of this drama, we are the common transfer of property in divorce disputes. Jane Zhang’s mother can be sued for rights, if she will certainly pay attention to the limitation Proceedings (it is said that Zhang’s mother in September 30th to the detriment of the interests of shareholders sued the company and legal representative Feng Ke). The most important thing is that Feng Ke can not explain this, but also failed to respond positively. Just say, no matter how much we accounted for, but in order to operate and financing needs, in essence, is the common property of husband and wife". Pro, Jane Zhang under the name of the mother of equity is not the common property of husband and wife, how 6相关的主题文章: