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The "Hualong No.1" UK project plan in 2022 officially opened – International – original title: "Hualong No.1" UK project plan in 2022 officially opened on 9 October, Xinhua news agency, Beijing (reporter Anna, Zhao Chao) China Guangdong Nuclear Power Group spokesman Huang Xiaofei 9, said that China’s first with independent intellectual property rights of the three generation nuclear power technical scheme of the "Hualong No.1", by the British general plan in design review (GDA) after landing in England in the 2022. Huang Xiaofei made the above statements in the day held in Beijing, "the British media Guangdong investment will meet on the. According to the China Guangdong nuclear power project contract negotiations British director Cao Yigang, China’s participation in the investment and construction of the British Hinckley angle C (HPC), Seth, C, Brad (SZC), B (BRB) core demands three nuclear power project is to promote the "Hualong No.1" by GDA, and finally landing BRB project. This core appeal has been supported by the British government. In September, the British government has made clear that after the signing of the final investment agreement for the HPC project, it will formally accept the general design review of Hualong technology in the uk. GDA is the only "foreign nuclear power technology into the UK market threshold", the review process is known for its harsh. According to the China Guangdong Hualong "1" GDA project general manager Mao Qing introduction, Hualong one of the world’s sixth for GDA reactor type, plans to use 5 years (60 months) to complete the review. According to the China Guangdong Nuclear BRB project plan, push forward the "Hualong No.1" landing work in britain. "China Guangdong Nuclear Power Investment in the UK nuclear power project, in the UK from Europe, we in the UK economy as the preferred investment potential and a vote of confidence, but also for the" off Europe era "has laid a good foundation for strengthening the Sino British economic and trade relations." Huang Xiaofei said, "" Hualong No.1 "once through GDA, will have a huge demonstration effect, enhance the international market of China nuclear power technology confidence, driven by China’s equipment manufacturing industry upgrade and" going out "." (commissioning editor: Wang Ying (Intern), Liu Jieyan)相关的主题文章: