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Tax reform is approaching, looking forward to a special deduction landing recently reported that the tax reform is accelerating, the program is expected to be released in the first half of next year. The current round of tax reform is to establish the direction of "integration and classification" tax – deductible special content of the reform of the most concern is the core, has asymptotic essay, education spending or become deductible choice, first home loan interest rate is expected to be incorporated into the options. Repair law first, step by step implementation may become a realistic choice. In the long run, according to the social conditions and improve the level of collection and management mechanisms, support for the elderly, raising two children and other household spending is expected to be gradually incorporated into the deduction. In fact, a similar meaning in September when he was Minister of finance Lou Jiwei said: to the taxpayer family burden, such as the maintenance of the population, mortgage loans and other factors included in the deductible." The result can be a tax deductible mortgage news came out, public opinion has exploded. A common concern is that the original can not afford to buy the house has been very bitter, affordable housing, but also less than I pay taxes, which is not to encourage everyone to buy a house, the price is not up? Housing prices have not been able to afford to buy the house can not afford to buy a house, the people who had bought a house to get a tax deduction, class differentiation is not greater? In fact, a tax deductible to the individual or family life burden is taken into account to promote tax fairness, mortgage life burden, not what should not get deductible, if such a tax will be cheaper money for wealthy people more money is untenable, after all the rich at all no loans, one-time payment. Of course, such fears are not without reason. If implemented step by step, the first step out of the first home loan interest rates, it is possible to boost prices, but this does not mean that the mortgage will be excluded from the tax deductible, but to do more scientific design. For example, the mortgage interest rate deduction and other measures should be introduced, as to take different tax policies for large residential area, the first mortgage interest rate deduction can also be based on whether the valuation design involved how to participate in the deduction, deduction, such as the provisions of the total price of thousands of Yuan cannot mortgage interest deduction, which can be solved by means of the tax system the design of a more professional and scientific. At present, China’s tax is not scientific, basic is the payroll tax exemption amount will make high-income groups benefit more, and relatively high income people still have to rely on wages, bosses are not affected, because they rely mainly on property income and property tax levy tax not only low difficulty big, basic is robbing the poor to the rich rhythm. The tax reform to tax according to the family direction, launched special deduction, in addition to the above mentioned mortgage interest, personal training education and support for the elderly and raising two children, there are more projects should be gradually incorporated into deduction. According to the income tax deduction is more mature in Hongkong, in addition to these, married, single parent, children and parents, grandparents or brothers and sisters, charitable donations, are deductible, and number of children, child or sibling support whether at the age of 18 years, whether because of disability incapacity, whether the need for teaching books and age, whether parents or grandparents live, have different additional.相关的主题文章: