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Attraction You will have your colors analyzed so that you can confidently choose colors that enhance your personal power. You will also be advised how to get the difference that makes the difference in your individual presentation for elegant, business and casual wear. They will also teach you how accessories your tie, your belt and especially your clean shoes can make you look shabby or sharp. Some Image Consultants will actually take you shopping and teach you how to choose wisely. They can also help a brave soul in ruthlessly culling your old wardrobe and throwing out all the obsolete accumulated clothing that not even your mother could say worked to enhance your personal power. I guarantee you that your investment in seeing an Image Consultant will save you time and money! Lances Story Lance was a thirty-five year old motor mechanic who had recently been cheated on by his live-in girlfriend. Lance had been going out to bars and dances, but was not meeting any women who wanted to go out with him. His therapist sent him off to an Image Consultant, who took one look at Lance and took him firmly into her tutorship. Lance had to take in some of his best clothes to be assessed and he had to describe the rest of his current wardrobe. The dead end of his wardrobe (this was whatever the Image Consultant judged as wrong for him or outdated and to Lances embarrassment, that was most of it) was green garbage bagged and sent off to Welfare. Lance was shown by demonstration that his favorite look maroon shirt and brown trousers made him look florid and pasty. He learned what colors best suited him and what type of fabric and clothing styles made him look more attractive. He was taken on a personalised shopping tour to several exclusive mens-wear shops where Lance would not usually go. He was surprised to find that his purchases were expensive but actually didnt cost him an arm and a leg and resulted in a small wardrobe which all mixed and matched and required minimal maintenance. Lance had to agree that when he looked in the mirror at the guy staring back at him who was wearing a cream shirt and dark blue trousers, that he looked a million dollars. The next step initially put Lance into kicking and screaming mode. He was rapidly losing his hair and had grown what little hair he had left in desperation. His trips to the local barber had only been when, even he had to admit he looked really bad the day after the night before. Against his protests that he didnt need a hair-cut, the Image Consultant sent him off to have a precision hair-cut. The first result was outstanding .pliments which came from his work colleagues on the next day when Lance turned up to work and they saw his new hair-cut. The second result was on Friday night when Lance came home from his bar cruise outing with three phone numbers for women he had met. Lance was purring! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: