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Reference-and-Education The time has .e to gear up for your daughters school admission process. While doing the search you will find that institutes are many but most of them are run of the mill. The good news is parents who are not interested in the same old teaching methodology now have many other interesting options to explore. The IB school trend is catching up fast in India. There are already around 80 affiliated schools and the number is growing fast. Now the million dollar question is should you opt for one such school for your child or stick to the traditional institute? Even if you decide to go ahead with the IB program what are the risks and potential issues associated with it? And most importantly what are the benefits you can expect by selecting the IB board. This article highlights on various features of International Baccalaureate education and issues related to it. The uniqueness about IB curriculum is that it is refreshingly new and very practical. The teaching methodology stresses on learning by doing and by cooperating as a team. Thus the school ensures a stimulating entry into the cut-throat education system. The institute always stresses on holistic development of the kid rather than churning out a pure theoretical genius. The shiny new and top-notch infrastructure is a sure attraction for the IB school . There are spacious play grounds, modern lab facilities, up-to-date libraries, smart classrooms and all sorts of learning aids to keep students engrossed throughout the day. Of course not to forget about the enthralling campus life! The teaching quality is excellent since these schools handpick faculties after thorough screening. Teachers are well conversant with the IB methodology. The school makes sure that extensive training is imparted to them in order to ensure maximum .petency level. Of course, teachers are offered handsome remuneration for their outstanding contribution to the schools growth. The IB grade is accepted by universities within India and abroad. So, if you are planning to send your child abroad for higher education then such school will be the perfect choice. The IB platform offers several opportunities to interact with students from varied cultures and countries. In fact, cultural assimilation is what makes IB education different from the conventional one. Prior to selecting a particular board, you need to ponder upon various aspects. Parents who have transferable jobs should select a board which is available countrywide. While IB education is gradually gaining popularity still there are cities which dont have such schools. Expense is also an important factor to consider. Your childs .fort level matters a lot too. Be it IB or any other board, make sure to do thorough enquiry about it. A personal visit to the school is always re.mended. However, you can also explore the schools website to have a preliminary idea about its background and teaching methodology. Since the IB school concept is .paratively new in India an even more thorough enquiry is suggested. Take a look at the schools infrastructure and other amenities. Interact with the schools faculties and also with few parents for a better idea about the institute. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: