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20 years of love hi Fujian lottery lottery Lotto 8 million 560 thousand value award – Sohu         20 years as one day, persevere, perseverance, perseverance is victory dream cast…… With these words get lucky in the Super Lotto 16085th 8 million 560 thousand yuan prize winner Mr. Wang, it surpasses the. You know, Mr. Wang Lao began to buy public welfare lottery in 1996, until now already for 20 years. 20 next year, Mr Wang Lao never abandon, accompanied by the public welfare lottery consistent from beginning to end along the way, and his deep feelings for the public welfare lottery finally awakened the lucky goddess Chuiai, July 23rd in the evening, he located in Cheng CuO Road No. 20 Binhai Carnival D 1 floor 1# building block 20 store 28224 stations, with a 2 note an additional 6 yuan single ticket, lucky to win the 8568721 yuan prize value, but also to fulfill their dreams in the purchase of public welfare lottery prize! Love only because of the small lottery prize in the good old Mr. Wang from the early 56 to buy 5, then to 31 7 and 36 7, and then to the now popular color, Super Lotto, he really was a witness of the development of public welfare lottery, know each other together. He said he now loves Super Lotto prize, not because of large, but because of the small prize for good, for many years, he purchased the lottery highest in more than 600 yuan, unfortunately, there was no additional additional prize of $300 or more can, since then, he decided to buy Super Lotto. Regardless of winning or not, are duty bound to carry out additional. He said that each to buy Super Lotto, is because of the small prize can make him often to, do not underestimate the 5 yuan, 10 yuan ordinary small prize, the lottery of the people, it is also a great encouragement. The number is from the chart analysis to 20 years, Mr. Wang Lao was very particular about the selection, each betting lottery, he had a lot of time pondering the reular in chart and because he felt that the study charts can bring joy to his lottery. During the interview, Mr. Wang honest numbers are no rules at all, but he still likes to analyze the trend chart, perhaps this is what people like to buy lottery, said the impact of the knock on the door". Take this time, he was a total of more than half an hour, and finally chose the 2 note number, which is only one of the former district number is not the same, the other numbers are the same. As everyone knows, Mr. Wang this is really eye for gold, in the Grand Prix struck before, he said everything as usual, no sign of any prize. The next day to read the newspaper to know 8 million 560 thousand in the elderly, the rest of the evening is relatively early, so they are up every morning to read the newspaper, to check whether their lottery winning." Mr. Wang said happily: "when I saw the newspaper published the Lotto lottery number, feel too familiar, especially after the" 01, 07 ", plus the" 14, 15 "sister, a little feeling, winning is positive." Subsequently, he saw the announcement broke 47 note first prize, really scared, the key is相关的主题文章: