2017 art candidate for director of professional examination process summary y580

2017 art candidate for director of professional examination process collection of art director in some provinces have passed the examination, examination are eligible to participate in the test you want to enroll in the university campus, called the school test. Pass the exam to participate in college entrance examination to obtain cultural achievements, so, what the director of Arts Examination in the end? Director of the arts exam process: some schools are rarely the third test, the first round brush off people. The first round of interviews, related to the subject are: 1, prepared speech, telling stories or proposition according to the material story; 2, to answer the examiner questions, 3 subjects; three subjects: self introduction; 4, four subjects: talent show (vocal music, instrumental music, folk dance, etc.). Ahead of time will allow candidates to prepare in a ready room, then in the form of packets together into the interview room, five teachers take turns to ask questions, is the first general introduction, then the examiner questions, will involve a lot of problems such as the scope, you didn’t talk about love? What do you think of high school students falling in love? There will be some literary knowledge, asked as Hemingway’s the old man and the sea "is not seen? See you talk about feelings, etc.. The second round is a written examination, the subjects involved are: 1, comprehensive knowledge and proposition writing; 2, film and television works analysis, the examination papers have common sense. Generally will show a short film or a TV program, and then let you according to the analysis of the film, the key is to write personality. The third round is also a written examination: This is to put a film, according to the film to write a film review, or the provisions of the title, planning an ad, note to the advertising of the observability and fun. The most important is the art director: write reviews, interviews and editing stories. In the high school to the third year, you can see a lot of a number of classic movies, viewing the amount of this is very important. Candidates can choose to watch a film from the director of the election, but also from the film is often easy to start. In addition to the interview questions in recent years, the annual problems are similar, is the need to overcome their inner sense of tension and anxiety. Series of stories, this is probably the most troublesome candidates for each of the links, in fact, is a skill, in the exam will give you some irrelevant words let you into a story, during this period, you can do some usual questions, open your mind. Director of the arts with emphasis on content: encoding story the examiner will advance to allow candidates to draw on the conditions provided in accordance with the name (such as words or objects), unfolding the plot of the story, make up a story full of sound and colour, from beginning to end. The story to have fun, meaningful, not straightforward, but to the ups and downs, striking one snag after another fascinating. Proposition 1, the concept of proposition: refers to the concept of one or more words in the title, please candidates story. The words of the proposition are very vivid. For example, a leave of absence, neighbors, a lottery, etc.. 2, the image proposition: refers to the use of objects, works of art, music, audio, video clips and other images to the proposition. For example: a cup of shoes a goldfish, flowers, a bicycle a table lamp. The way to make a story: a相关的主题文章: