6000 wear slippers, Maserati, the original Zhang Jike’s money (Figure) tokyo hot n0476

6000 wear slippers, Maserati, the original Zhang Jike’s money (Figure) the Rio Olympics is over, but our "Red Net player" boom can not be used, such as the US "debris flow girl" Fu Yuanhui not only live, will also join the next reality show. "Small dog milk" Malone has not been idle, and in the idol Jolin on the show to a close contact, sing songs, hold in hand, called Starchaser life circle! Is the busiest section following the ER, Zhang Jike is now the heat does not flow than niche difference, in the entertainment circle is like a duck, half a month’s time in the two variety shows the full range and in the eyes of the close contact with the goddess Sheenah, why the team players are so fat will "seduce" idol? Little sister (micro signal: entifengvip) refused to accept!! Red Zhang Jike has some small troubles, at the airport when many sisters cannon besieged plane also accidentally embarrassed, and fans to experience the idol in a cabin feeling, even the first-class cabin and business class round…… Red flag is what? There is of course the paparazzi with you! Said Zhao five children are also quite busy recently, just yesterday broke the news of Zhang Yishan street and boyfriend kiss touch Da, staged Street pee x-rated pictures.     today also released a set of photos of the Zhang Jike house, he was wearing a T-shirt and Wuli big pants, mouth also a cigarette. I do not know is not too relaxed, Zhang Jike also like Zhang Yishan flying self, not only in the street to throw cigarette butts, also spit…… My little sister (micro signal: entifengvip) to remind here the friendship, primary school teacher taught us, in public garbage can not littering and spitting, protect public health to me from the start you ~ don’t look so Zhang Jike privately with uninhibited, public appearance in a suit at the yuppie full range of children many people shouted no less than the same field of small meat poor little sister (micro signal: entifengvip) just finished with Koko really handsome, once a bucket of cold water is pouring down, Zhang Jike drying out a secret and supermodel Xi Mengyao intimate photo, said two people to be happy…… Nani? This is the rhythm of open love!!! Calm down the little sister (micro signal: entifengvip) to inquire the reason, the original Zhang Jike walk the red carpet, he hurried to the airport, go to tomorrow’s trip to Xi Mengyao to replace him "athletes idol award". Xi Mengyao for his award, in addition to participate in the variety show mutual friendship, but also because the occasion is a fashion event yesterday, eat melon people can not help but doubt that why to ask Zhang Jike to go? With his ten thousand years do not change the fluorescent color sports shoes, success in a treasure sold into a burst of money? In fact, everyone was deceiving Zhang Jike appearance, hidden under the fluorescent color shoes Kioko, is a worthy of the name of the Metrosexual ah! Let’s start from Zhang Jike’s car, early in Ji’nan Zhang Jike had bought a KIA, do not know why in the driver’s seat. He was forced to face the ignorant little face. This two years Zhang Jike has also joined the car into the club.相关的主题文章: