Next year China cross-border electricity supplier transaction size or over 8 trillion 刘亦菲重返校园


with the popularity of consumer upgrades and sea Amoy electronic business platform, in 2016 China Sea Amoy industry rapid growth. According to the day before the third party iiMedia (AI media consulting) released "2016-2017 Chinese cross-border Electricity Market Research Report" shows that in 2016 Chinese cross-border transactions reached 6 trillion and 300 billion yuan, is 2 times more than in 2013 when Hai Tao, users reached 41 million passengers. AI media is expected in 2018, China’s cross-border electricity supplier transaction size is expected to reach 8 trillion and 800 billion, scouring the sea to reach the size of 74 million users.

benefited from the explosive growth of the domestic sea Amoy industry, in 2016, most of the sea Amoy electricity business gratifying. At present, the sea Amoy electricity supplier mainly has three kinds, direct transport type (Tmall international Jingdong, global procurement, ocean terminal, Amazon purchased overseas); self bonded warehouse type (NetEase, koala fortune sea Amoy,, the only product type (International); shopping rebate rebate network, 55 sea Amoy).

AI media consulting data show that in 2016 retail sales accounted for China cross-border electricity distribution, NetEase in 21.6% koalas market share in the first place, Tmall international sales accounted for 18.5%, ranked second, followed by the only product, accounting for 16.3%.