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Internet-and-Business-Online Discover how to make money with internet marketing in the six figure bracket with little or no money to invest Finding A Product First search for a profitable topic. A popular topic where there are millions of needed products and services like health. A topic like this have hundreds of sub topics more commonly known as "niches". Niches are where specific products are being sought out by specific groups of people or "niche audiences". The idea is to find worthwhile niches and sub niches, target these audiences to sell to by using keyphrases. Things like the latest fads or craze can easily be capitalized on. They simply seize the moment and start building campaigns around these products via PPC Advertising, classified ads, search engine marketing, articles, etc. Products can also be found at to fill needs. They can even tell you if the product is worthwhile selling through their stats. 3 Very Important Principles To Follow Before you select a product to sell be sure that the product is worth while advertising, or converts well. Choosing a product out of thin air because you think it should sell for your own reasons is not the way to find out how well a product will convert. As discussed above "niche markets" basically comes with audiences (people already searching for a specific product). Making money in internet marketing with these products will require one to first check and see just how much traffic the product receives and how popular it is, if it’s feasible, you can start building a campaign around it by targeting buyers with the use of keyphrases or words that are typed in the browser which are associated with a particular group of seekers or prospects preferably ones ready to buy. The second principle is to solve desperate problems. when you are desperate for something, anything, you are generally ready to spend or buy instantly. So if you find a problem that people have requested a solution for, your money is already half way in the bank, all you have to do is to find a good product or a service that solves the problem in order to seal the sale. i.e. Desperate problems means more conversions, faster sales, for the right solutions? The third principle is simply to be consistent with your advertising by possibly placing an ad or two daily in the free classified ads. 2 ads a day is 60 ads a month! Write articles, can’t write find a free article writing training site that you can get instruction from, you can get free PLR content and use that content to get the articles you need to promote your product, or pay a freelancer to write articles for you. whatever you do be consistent or just do something everyday towards attaining your goal of promoting your product or service. No one ever said that making money in internet marketing would be easy. But it’s the only job that I know of where you can basically start with nothing and build an empire fairly quickly. Now Work The Plan Find at least 3 specific longtail keyphrases relevant to the product, Just use Google’s free keyword tool at and search keyphrases to use in articles. Submit articles to article directories. Top directories can give you best results such as ezine,, Create a free keyword-rich blog (blogger or wordpress) and post articles there After your articles have been published in the directories. Be sure to create back links to original articles in directories by use of a short prompt like article originally posted at xxxx directory or just use the link: When backlinking simply reference the original article by putting in a note about where it was posted in it’s entirety or use a link to where it is. Now create a squidoo lens, in that order, blog first then lens, and link your articles back to the articles posted in the directories. Why? because the more back links you have to each article the better search engine positioning you’ll have. Submit articles to the rest of the article directories Link each article back to your articles on in the same way as above You can say something like: Article originally published on xxxxxx. To make this really easy and effective, start an account at because the service works great. And you’ll be able to submit articles throughout hundreds of directories from just that one source. There is however a monthly charge for this or you can do it yourself one by one. So far I’ve given you a workable plan from which you can generate a lot of cash, and mostly from free methods with the exception of the article submitter resource. You will find that soon the traffic generated will start bringing sales beyond your wildest imagination. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: