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Business India is fast emerging as an e-learning hub, because of its ability to provide a large pool of a highly educated workforce. There are a number of other potential factors for IT outsourcing in India such as cost-efficiency, quality, technical support and a growing economy. We find that education is costly and moving ahead for higher education is even costlier, so major portion of masses remain uneducated and lot many learners have to quit their education half way. With fast growth of Internet, technology and multimedia the world has come closer and provided us with numerous benefits over the older technologies and learning techniques, maintaining learner’s interest and providing extensible, rich learning experiences with integration of physically separated. Over time, professionals of the e-learning industry and their clients saw the need for cost-effective solutions. But the popularity of e-learning has raised many questions regarding the relevance of traditional classroom teaching in the new world and whether teachers teaching in schools and colleges are gradually becoming dispensable. What about the existence of the text books? Can e-learning companies take over the publishing companies? These solutions can be cost-effective, as compared to other developed nations and also assures the same level of quality. A number of companies in India possess quality certifications such as ISO and SEI-CMM and meet international standards. Communication facilities determine the success of offshore IT outsourcing, and India has robust cellular networks and broadband Internet to facilitate easy connectivity to the rest of the world. Why e-learning is most preferred choice these days for imparting knowledge, training or teaching in schools, universities, companies, industries, and enterprise or business groups?? E-learning market focuses on e-learning assets, e-learning objects, flexible e-learning content creation and platform integration services. E-learning has defined no technological boundary or platform for learning practices so this ultimately provides best knowledge management solutions for spreading knowledge. With technology arbitrating knowledge and learning, education industry is has seen a steep growth. Classroom learning stands for formal learning for it has stated objectives and gives fixed results. Some kinds of e-learning also gives formal education and learning experiences online. Online learning is boosting up because of its flexibility. This enables a learner to learn according to his pace. He can browse through the topic until he understands it fully. E-learning software provide the facility to the students and tutors also to attend the class without bar of physical appearance. They can also stop learning sessions at their convenience. E-learning enables learners to develop required skills for knowledge-based workers by embedding the use of information and communications technologies within the curriculum. E-learning is particularly used for distance learning or it is the solution through which you can do any online course in the world without any physical appearance.Today there are lots of e-learning tools available in the market offered by various companies to make your online training session secure and successful. Some of the e-learning top tools of 2010 are Prezi, Evernote, Dimdim, Etherpad, Screenr etc. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: