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Outdoors Indian terrain is admired globally for its unique features and diverse elements. Within the Indian sub-continent one can discover deserts as well as some of the mightiest of mountains; the highest rainfall region of the world is situated in North-east region of the country while southern part of India is known for its ocean-beds and backwaters. For the wildlife-enthusiasts too the country upholds various treasures. India wildlife tours avail an entrance into the world of wilderness and exotic locales. These wildlife tours in India are mostly admired for their exotic locales, endangered species of flora and fauna and enthralling jungle safaris. Most of the jungles in the country have been announced a national park or a natural reserve in order to protect and conserve these green landscapes of the country. There are more than 550 national parks in India. For your India wildlife tours travelers are suggested to stick to any one region of the country and explore jungles there. In this regards southern and middle region of India has lots to offer. National Parks in Madhya Pradesh: The state of Madhya Pradesh is best known for housing one of the highest populations of tigers at its national parks and hence is one of the most famous destinations amongst wildlife-enthusiasts. Bandhavgarh National Park: Situated in Umaria district of Madhya Pradesh, Bandhavgarh has a large biodiversity and a high density of tiger population. Adventure-seekers must take long pauses on the jungle safari to be able to spot predators such as leopards and tigers. Kanha National Park: The jungle became famous ever since it served as a source of inspiration for famous writer Rudyard Kipling who described a similar jungle in his famous novel, Jungle Book. Thus, popularly known as the Kipling Country, Kanha National Park is where one can spot significant population of Royal Bengal Tiger, leopards, Barasingha, sloth bear and Indian wild dog. National Parks in Karnataka : Situated in the southern region of the country, Karnataka is another state which is admired worldwide for its share of jungles and national parks. Nagarhole National Park : Situated in the Mysore district in Karnataka, Nagarhole National Park is part of the Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve. Situated on the Western Ghats the national park is an awe-inspiring destination and thus is also under consideration by UNESCO World Heritage Committee for selection as a world heritage site. Bandipur National Park : Another destination which should be included in all India wildlife tours is Bandipur National Park. Once a private hunting reserve for the King of Kingdom of Mysore, the national park is today protecting several endangered wild species and is best-known for its enchanting environs. The above mentioned are few of the best locales where one can not only spot several endangered species, but also indulge in wildlife photography and enthralling jungle safaris as well. Travelers are accompanied by expert naturalists and guides throughout the jungle to make it a carefree and enjoyable experience. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: