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Healthcare Application Testing "�" Benefits And Trends By: dunitzsantrino | Jun 1st 2015 – Quality is never an accident; it is always a direct result of intelligent effort. Tags: Major Changes In The Ehr Landscape By: Ken Miller | Sep 17th 2013 – The universal adoption of Electronic Health Records in a Meaningful way is the backbone on which all Healthcare reforms are hinged. There is infact a strong belief which is gaining ground that the net cost outweighs the benefits of using an EHR. Is this true? What is needed in changes to the EHRs? Are we looking forward to … Tags: Benefits Of Using Patient Portals By: Ken Miller | Aug 5th 2013 – Patient Portals fit in well in the process of enabling providers to meet the Federal Incentive Program guidelines for using certified EHRs. Providers, in order to stay profitable, are always in the lookout for ways to improve their operational efficiency, reduce costs and improve their patient satisfaction. Tags: Major Hurdles To Healthcare It Adoption By: Steve Nellon | Jul 19th 2013 – The Healthcare industry is currently undergoing a metamorphosis which is unprecedented. All the efforts being put in to digitize data is expected to bring in significant changes to the manner in which care is provided. Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health Act was enacted under the American Recovery … Tags: Growing Use Of Cloud Analytics In Healthcare Raises Security Concerns By: Ken Miller | Jun 19th 2013 – The healthcare analytics further allow hospital administrators to carry out a variety of functions without putting any extra time and efforts. As many reports have highlighted, the health care analytics can be used for creating quality reports, capturing revenue and meeting specific requirements. Tags: 相关的主题文章: