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SEO SEO (or search engine optimization) is the process of building relevance for a website to increase search engine rankings for specific keywords. There are a lot of SEO companies and web design firms that make claims to rank you number 1 or get you on the first page for a standard monthly fee. Optimizing a website has become a popular phrase, but more often than not, SEO campaign results tend to be underwhelming for clients. As with most things in life, there are exceptions to the rule. For the sake of this article, we will define success as meeting the expectation of the customer concerning service and results, and we will define failure as not meeting the expectation of either service or results. After talking with clients over the past few years, we have heard similar stories over and over again as to why some SEO campaigns fail and other succeed. We have identified five main areas that can cause an SEO campaign to fail. 1)SEO companies dont communicate regularly with clients 2)Expectations are not managed on an ongoing basis 3)SEO companies underestimate the competitiveness of keywords 4)SEO companies dont have the expertise for effective strategies 5)SEO Companies use outdated/black hat strategies that could induce penalties It is not difficult to see how any one of these things can lead to an unsuccessful SEO campaign, but it is harder to identify companies that will fall short in one of these areas. SEO is a difficult, time consuming, and ever-changing process. It takes significant time investments in keyword and competition research to create an effective strategy. You have to know exactly what your goals are, understand the ranking factors of websites ranked higher than yours, and how to implement a strategy that builds the relevance your website needs to compete in search results. These reasons for failures could easily be turned around into a list of best practices for managing successful SEO campaigns. First, clearly outline and manage the expectations of the client. What are the results proposed to be? It is the responsibility of the SEO company to honor their commitment to getting the results. Second, the SEO company is in a marketing partnership with the client, and as with any relationship, communication is essential to ensuring a good partnership. When the client feels like they are a priority, they will appreciate your services more. Third, the SEO company must correctly identify what makes the competitors more relevant in the search results. It is always a combination of many factors, and identifying strengths and weaknesses higher ranking websites will allow you to reverse engineer their strategies and create a strategy to compete. Fourth, you have to stay up to date with the latest news and information about SEO. If you rely on tactics that worked a few years ago, then you may end up falling short on your promises. Search engines are dynamic and always changing, so you have to understand what the ranking factors are and how to make your website match what the search engines consider relevant. It is impossible to increase search result ranking without increasing how relevant the website is for a given search keyword. Fifth (which can be an extension of #4), SEO companies need to focus on strategies that really build relevance. There are a lot of black hat tactics (keyword stuffing, mirror sites, etc) that can not only hurt rankings, but get your website excluded from the search results. How do you determine if an SEO campaign will be effective? Look at their clients and their results. Follow up with their clients and ask about service, timelines, and results. Check the rankings they show off in their case studies to see if they are still ranking well. Nothing shows how good an SEO company is better than the competitiveness of the keywords they are able to rank for. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: