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95 high value Yan Henan girl was elected Miss World Chinese championship in October 20th, sixty-sixth Miss World China finals and award ceremony held in the main hall of the Imperial Ancestral Temple in Beijing. After the final stage of the training course and the number of single game layers of screening, interlocking and finals night dress, haute couture dress show links, sixty-sixth miss world finals were settled Chinese. Khon Kaen from Hangzhou won the title. Khon Kaen from the current "sister" Yuan Lu hands over, become the new "China miss". Born 1996 in Khon Kaen, the home is in the village, especially in Nanyang city of Henan province Sheqi County Zhai Zhen hao. In 2006, when he was 10 years old, he moved to Zhejiang, Fuyang. After the Khon Kaen school in Fuyang, graduated from Yu Dafu high school and new school. Khon Kaen graduated from the new school 2013 session of three (11) class (art class), class teacher Qian Linfeng teacher. According to the teacher introduced the money, Khon Kaen students usually study hard, whether it is cultural achievements or professional results are among the best, but she also served as class cadres, enthusiastic class work, willing to help students. Khon Kaen grew up higher than peers, high school has been close to one meter eight, and she actively participated in various types of school sports activities, and achieved remarkable results, but also a good exercise for her comprehensive ability. This year 20 year old Khon Kaen is now a senior student at Beijing Institute Of Fashion Technology, majoring in fashion design and branding. Half a month ago, Khon Kaen in a friend’s recommendation, took part in the sixty-sixth Miss World China network division game, after several rounds of competition for the network division runner up, success among the finals ranked. In the finals last night in Khon Kaen, through his excellent play, eventually won the title, to become the new "Chinese miss". Khon Kaen’s father said, Khon Kaen is a character of a very independent person, perhaps is the relationship between the age at boarding school, she told everything have their own opinion. Khon Kaen won the miss world for the championship China division, Khon Kaen’s parents say "surprise", they had never thought his daughter will appear in this contest, but did not think she would win. "We will go all out to support." For her daughter’s award, Khon Kaen’s parents in the surprise of the accident, said more support for her, I hope she will go in the future more firm and steadfast! In addition, Khon Kaen is a versatile girl, painting is also good! The works of Khon Kaen. Long legs high color value! 95 after the girl was elected Miss World China champion. (Guangming)相关的主题文章: