A couple in Nanyang killed the family police in the mountains squat for 3 days and 3 nights to catch qqq258.com

A couple in Nanyang killed the family police in the mountains squat for 3 days and 3 nights to catch the suspect the newspaper news (reporter Wang Yong) in September 14th, our city murder occurred, a couple was killed. City Public Security Bureau Pu Shan police quickly start the murder detection mechanism, thirty or forty police to give up the Mid Autumn Festival family reunion, in Nanzhao mountains Dunshou three days and nights, on the night of 17 will suspect Ma Moumou arrested. At noon on September 14th, seven in the Garden District of Wolong Dazhai village murder occurred, the villagers named Ma Su, a couple was killed. Due to the location of the incident densely populated, but also coincides with the day before the Mid Autumn Festival, strong social repercussions. At 12:19, Po Hill police station after the alarm, the prompt start of the murder detection mechanism. The police soon found out that Nanzhao County Nan he Dian Zhen Ma Moumou has a major crime suspects, the road monitoring showed that Ma Moumou was driving a motorcycle running in Nanzhao county all the way. Police decided to arrest Ma Moumou, and soon found out his social relations. Po Shan police station thirty or forty police are divided into several groups, in the months of waiting horses may be hiding. This is the Mid Autumn Festival holiday, Nanzhao in the mountains before midnight last night, mosquito bites, sudden temperature drop, which has brought no small challenge to wearing short sleeved Dunshou police. Even a squat for three days and nights, the police have no one complained, the final night of September 17th 11 in Nanzhao Joe Duan Zhen Ma Moumou a distant relatives arrested. The investigation, Ma Moumou 42 years old this year, has opened a repair shop, some autistic character. He suspected his wife and the victim named Ma an improper relationship between men and women, has a grudge. September 14th morning 11 am, he found and followed the victim named Ma to Dazhai village dwellings, the tool used to carry the horse a couple stabbed to death, after driving a motorcycle fled North Road along the long shong. The 3 (Nanyang Evening News)相关的主题文章: