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Air China storm: only racial discrimination and "political correctness" of the two road [Abstract] from the definition, multiculturalism first emphasizes the diversity and particularity of culture, then demands equal relationship between different cultures, which means there is no any kind of cultural value from the superior to other cultures, so it should be the coexistence of maintaining a dialogue between different cultures. Not long ago, a safe air cabin with "wings" on the magazine China tips caused a great disturbance in foreign social networking sites. This is because the London safety tips directly to the security situation and ethnic distribution linked to incur foreign media fierce condemnation, but also caused the domestic users of discussion. Many Chinese netizens have argued for Air China in the comments, saying that the security tip is the truth, and that the protests abroad are merely hypocritical". There are also some foreign users with similar attitudes. Then, one from India has many voters (Ealing Southall) of the ealing Southall District Labour MP said: "I was shocked, actually there are now people think this is not true and write openly racist comments is normal. I have invited representatives of Air China to come to our constituency and show them that there is a multicultural area that is safe and worth playing." In addition to the councils, as well as a number of politicians in the concept of "cultural diversity" to describe the London race. There is no doubt that the wording of Air China magazine is a typical racial discourse, and it does not match the facts. "Pakistan settlements" and "ghetto" is not the two place, but two pieces of fiction with discourse of race, "Zhao Yimin of the London School of Economics and Political Science wrote in" ethnic discrimination "to London and the British Air China flight Chinese a text," first, most of London are immigrants to live, but the proportion of low difference; secondly, a higher proportion of immigrants where the crime rate is not high, the crime rate is the highest place in the city center (Weiss Minster), is the lowest proportion of migrants." However, some netizens Chinese about "political correctness" also implies another meaning: Although London is a multi-ethnic and multi culture metropolis, but not every race, every culture has gained equal development opportunities. Therefore, when the members of "multi culture" as a key part of the name of London, in fact did not really respond to differences. Multiculturalism and racism, which are both sides of a coin, may just prove the failure of multiculturalism. Nevertheless, the criticism of multiculturalism, as well as "political correctness", is always a risky thing. Because it would be easy to slip down to the racist trap, or to be misread as a response to racism, quickly transformed into an embarrassing "politically incorrect"". For Air China events, foreign mainstream media response reflects the profound influence of multiculturalism, and domestic public opinion "counterattack" both hand reveals the failure of multiculturalism in another aspect, once again confirms the previously mentioned racist risk. Multiculturalism seems to be right:相关的主题文章: