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Blogging-Rss Blogging is something that many people would like to start doing, but don’t know what to do, where to start, or how to keep their blog going. With the many free blogging tools, both hosted and self-hosted, there’s very little cost involved with starting a blog. The massive array of themes, plugins and optimization tools make the amount of energy involved in starting a new blog incredibly low, lowering the barrier for entry for any newbie blogger. Still, many people are unfamiliar with the basics of blogging, and just need a small guide to help them get on their way to an avid blogger. The following strategies are fundamental for bloggers both old and new, and go over the basic elements of a successful blog. Firstly, you’ll need to decide how you’d like to host your blog. With many free independently hosted options available, including WordPress.., hosting your blog on someone else’s server is simple and quick, requiring minimal maintenance on the part of the blogger. Using these services has some other major advantages too — your blog is automatically submitted to search engines, and basic analytics tools are provided without requiring a .plex installation. On the other hand, self-hosting your blog gives you a much greater level of control, allowing you to customize your design, change your blog’s structure, and introduce money making measures such as affiliate links and advertising. If it’s control you’re after, such as a professional blog or business based blog, make sure to self-host your blog on your own server. Furthermore, if you’re planning on mo.izing your blog at some point through page ads, it’s best to go with your own server, as many hosted blogging services do not allow advertising. Deciding on which blogging platform to use can be a frustrating and difficult experience for beginners. The important thing to think about is whether you need a free service or not. Many hosted blogging platforms require a monthly payment, which can put off newbie bloggers. If you’re after a low cost personal blog, make sure to pick a free blogging service such as WordPress. Also, it’s important to think about what degree of customization you need in your blogging software. If you’re looking to create additional pages, make sure that your blogging platform allows you to create them, along with the ability to implement whatever plugins you need. There’s a massive range of free and paid themes available for all different types of blogging software. Make sure to pick a theme that highlights your content, in whatever format it may be. If you’re creating a video blog, don’t pick a theme that’s designed to house massive amounts of text content. Special video blog themes are available, and most likely fit your needs more precisely than a non-specific blog would. Likewise, be sure to pick a blog that features clear, easy to read text if your focus is on text content. Whatever you’re blogging about, there’s a range of software, addons, and hosting services available to make your blogging experience the best that it possibly can be. Be sure to check out this free guide on blogging tips and tricks, in order to maximize your blogging experience. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: