Bazhong, a nurse revealed that the patient’s privacy as a result of the inspection group chat group

Bazhong, a nurse leaked the patient’s private photos sent to the chat group to discuss Sichuan online Bazhong (micro-blog) news (reporter Zhu Rongjie) can hear the voice visible attitude". Recently, an article entitled "Yue Nanjiang MCH should nurse patient privacy complaints" everywhere announced net posts in the "politics of Sichuan release caused a great disturbance, a patient’s private photos were spread to the nurse group, suffering from high was ridicule, netizens accused of invasion of privacy, no occupation morality. "What kind of nurse do you recruit, can you be a bit of a character?" On September 22nd, at 7:55 in the morning, an anonymous netizen in "asked the president of Sichuan government issued a" propaganda Nanjiang Health Hospital, the hospital nurses occupation moral questions. What the hell is going on? Originally, Nanjiang Maternal and Child Health-Care Hospital, a nurse examination of gynecological patients when shooting private photos sent to the group with others "discussion", netizens questioned violations of the privacy of others, no occupation morality. Complaint net posts attached to a few chat record screenshot shows that a middle-aged woman who gave birth to three children are doing color Doppler ultrasound examination of women sent to the group, the instrument shows that the woman suffering from gynecological diseases. "How disgusting"…… A group of time, a variety of voices. It is because of these screenshots caused dissatisfaction of users, said the nurse should do the right thing, but not to infringe the privacy of others, said after not to the hospital for gynecological examination, hope that the hospital is responsible for making a reasonable answer. It is understood that the Nanjiang Maternal and Child Health-Care Hospital is a public hospital, every nurse recruits will conduct a rigorous pre service training, protect the privacy of the patient, abide by the occupation morality is the first lesson of training. Why is there any patient privacy was leaked? In this regard, Sichuan online reporter a telephone interview with the Nanjiang Maternal and Child Health-Care Hospital, according to the hospital discipline inspection team leader Liao Qi introduced this year, June 27th, on the net posts and complaints group chats screenshot was first released to the local forum, then broke Nanjiang Maternal and Child Health-Care Hospital nurses for investigation was informed that the hospital is a pediatric nurse to obstetrics and gynecology on post when a patient in the gynecological examination, after the photo shoot oiwn group. According to Liao Qi introduction, the parties are a more than and 20 year old young people, in 2014, the hospital recruitment. After the incident, when made in the General Assembly on public review, a fine of 500 yuan penalty hospital, because of the pressure of public opinion, to resign from the hospital in August. Editor’s note: this has nothing to do with the original video, for the extended reading 70 year old man fell to ride 40 minutes passing nurse emergency rescue相关的主题文章: