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Beijing commercial housing market accounted for half of the purchase of a drama with the hype for the dwindling supply of residential is already on an utterly inadequate measure of strong market in the market, supporting the commercial arena that has been obtained, through April, June and August three perfect interpretation of "commercial housing purchase restrictions to double the growth volume" drama and in August, in one fell swoop than residential occupy the market leading. Beijing Chinese commercial news reporter incomplete statistics, through the three interpretation of the policy, Beijing commercial and residential markets here at least traded nearly 30 thousand units, reaching a historical peak. Throughout the year of commercial housing policy "interpretation", in addition to Tongzhou landing outside, other area or speculation has been in a stage, although each district has taken some measures, but now the policy of wind from the developers, which does not exclude sales pressure. Commercial housing market leading nearly half past six months, commercial housing changed the past "supplement" label, Beijing bridal market began to occupy the dominant position, more than ordinary residential turnover for the first time, it has become one of the main features of the Beijing property market in 2016. Beijing commercial housing this year set off a wave of turnover, as of August 17th, a total of 42030 sets of commercial housing turnover in Beijing, exceeding the sum of the past two years. Over the same period, only 30 thousand sets of new residential transactions in Beijing, commercial housing turnover also refresh the historical record. Centaline statistics show that during the period of 2010-2015, the Beijing residential apartment project volume is relatively stable; in addition to 2014 due to cool the market fell to 13 thousand sets of 16072, the remaining few years were maintained at between 20 thousand -3 million units. From the transaction accounted for, in 2014, Beijing accounted for less than 20% of the market volume of commercial and residential, the proportion increased to 28.5% in 2016, the first half of 2015 rose to $55.9%. In the first week of September, for example, last week, Beijing commercial housing a total turnover of 3185 units, of which commercial products of 2165 sets of transactions, the total turnover ratio of up to 68%, which is only half of residential turnover accounted for a microcosm of the market led. The so-called "commercial housing" refers to the commercial, public buildings and other non residential land development and construction, the design has independent kitchen and toilet water and electricity and external way to partition the property sales project. Unlike pure residential projects, commercial housing projects usually only 40 or 50 years of property rights, water, electricity, property and other costs are higher than ordinary residential projects. Commercial apartment project was favored, to some extent, and related policies. In 2010, Beijing introduced the first in the country, the purchase of housing policy, the non Beijing property buyers purchase threshold is set to "a year of social security or tax certificate". 2011, the purchase threshold has been raised to five years of social security or tax proof". Some people because of the purchase of the purchase of the policy has been lost, only to the eyes of commercial housing, thus pushing up the price of commercial housing. The purchase of the policy into speculation since commercial products as a code has been born, as an effective supplement of the residential market in Beijing. The past six months, the reason why the outbreak of commercial housing turnover, and the purchase of commercial housing policy is inseparable. Beijing Chinese commercial news reporter statistics found that commercial.相关的主题文章: