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Arts-and-Entertainment Londons Animation Film Company has proudly announced its latest Animation offering titled Billy. The animated film is directed by Sanjeev Mirajkar, who has worked as editor and chief AD on International films such as Kate Hudson starrer Lady Godiva: Back in the Saddle (2007), Jag Mundras Shoot on Sight (2007) and Provoked: A True Story (2006). He is also the associate producer of the highly awaited gritty thriller Bhindi Baazaar Incorporation which got recognition in several festivals including the recent 67th Venice film festival The story of a puppy in London Zoo, Billy is in pursuit of finding the purpose of his life. He embarks on to an unforgettable journey of self discovery after breaking out of the confines of the zoo. He comes across fascinating characters experiencing the twists and turns of life along the way. A heartwarming tale of self enlightenment, Billys journey is bound to touch audiences worldwide. Writter and VFX Director Gregory says, Billy caters to a pan-generic audience; its based around a cocktail of emotions scratching all the surfaces of drama, British humor, and visual arts. Leveraging on fiscal points of religion, and ones inner belief, Billys story is that of courage, determination and a journey of self-realization. Set against Londons most prominent landmarks the story unfolds with Billy being directed to a London Church to get his proverbial prays answered. Billy revels in a tantalizing tale of fun, frolics and unexpected comical punches with a boastfully funny and witty screenplay. It has the best of British talent pooling in their skills together to get photo real animated characters, cutting edge effects incorporating high end compositing, matte painting, rotoscopy, etc. Producer Anish Anand adds, We are even looking forward to produce a 3D version of this film as well using the very recently launched 2D to 3D conversion technology by ‘Prime Focus’ and ‘Stance’ in London. Currently in its post-production phase, Billy releases worldwide in June 2011. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: