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"BJ 3" single diary: very optimistic, very warm, very suitable for the elderly – Entertainment Sohu "BJ 3" single diary photo studio entertainment news Maggie Ma the Sohu as the screen famous "older 3S lady", Bridget Jones (Bridget Jones, referred to as BJ) and finally in 11 years after the return! This time, this silly big sister to get married yet in disorderly fashion is not only accidental pregnancy, even children who do not know the father. The story sounds absurd, but Bridget’s screen charm, it should be said that behind the screenwriter team skill is not reduced, so the film maintains the first warm, optimistic tone and full of humor, make people laugh from the beginning to the end. However, since the film is about three people over the age of 40 years of love story, there are a lot of old people can not keep up with the times made a variety of jokes, so that the film is more suitable for the same middle-aged audience. That year after the 30 year old is still sincerely looking for love, writing a diary of the single BJ, the blink of an eye has been 43 years old. Still living in the same apartment, still working in the television station, still single, but also often keep a diary, but changed to write with iPad. BJ several friends before they get married, with a child, even the gay man to find a partner is preparing to adopt a child. Fortunately, she had a tune in the company, the same 2B female anchor as a partner and friend. But people in middle age, life has really changed, she did not like the young people all day clubbing, but busy shuttling in family gatherings, neonatal baptism, of course, between the funeral. The occasional wild is possible, even a drunken chaos. But the middle-aged is not irresponsible, BJ or decent, carry this condom, just muddle she apparently forget these condoms had expired. One side is the one night stand, Gao fushuai chairman Jack, the other side is not the fate of her ex boyfriend Mark Darcy BJ, after both sides pull war, suddenly realized that since I do not know who the father is, but also do not want to hurt anyone, the best way is to own a person to survive. However, it was determined to be a single mother, BJ found himself was fired before labor still experienced Wallet Key phone lost such a bad situation. As a single mother is admirable, but the prince charming to save or better ah, the best or two! Finally, in the face of the birth of new life, BJ’s single career is also completely end. No matter who is a father, or who to marry, BJ is no longer a person. This series of first episode of success, in addition to a sense of humor, in fact, has subverted the perceptions of the older 3S lady and appeared, from women’s point of view on marriage and family. 14 years later, compared to the first episode, we can see that the focus of the more time with the contents of the idea is also more open, and further stressed that happiness is not only a form of the theme. The film is also related to same-sex marriage, and single parent families, the traditional family did not think they and what is different, everyone can have their own way of living, not importune and others is the same. The film has a great drum for single mothers.相关的主题文章: