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Blog SEO-Search Engine Optimization Blog SEO- search engine optimization can be as easy as making sure your articles that you post on your blog are keyword centered, or intensive. Your articles are content which is what article and other blogs are looking for to use for information or to post on their sites. In blogging information, that’s your articles are king and in demand. Do you have a blog site? A blog is merely an easy to use web site, that has a software system connected to it enabling you to put content like articles, videos, pictures on your site. Seek out companies that will build a blog site and host it for you, it is well worth the 2-$300 it will cost. ["src":""] Make Blog SEO-Search Engine Optimization Easier Try These Tools * The best software by my experience and the consensus in the market is WordPress. Blog for SEO or search engine optimization will be greatly increased by WordPress. * It is really easy to use to insert media into your article. WordPress has a feature that enables a SEO Pack that puts all the info a search engine is looking for together, including short description of article, keywords, and Title. * This makes it easy for the bots that search web and blog sites to find the keywords that people using the search engines are looking for. * Be patient if your blog site is new. It takes some time about 2-6 weeks before the search engines will give any credibility to your site. * So the longer and more content you have on your site the better position your articles, and videos will get in relation to ranking on Goggle,Yahoo, and Bing, just to mention the bigger search sites. Yes I said videos, they are very helpful in bringing in traffic to your blog, so embed them into your articles. A great tool to use to get your articles and videos out to other sites is to use a media sharing company like Traffic Geyser, or Content Buzz, just two of many companies who provide this service. Make blog seo-search engine optimization -something you strive to perfect, it will return to your business many rewards, increased traffic, leads, and thus profit. Note: If your serious about building your affiliate/ or internet marketing business and making an income at it I recommend a group who has been a real positive influence on my progress in this business go to: Internet Marketing Answers Jeffrey Randolph-My Blog About the Author: Over 30 years as a Sales Trainer and professional Salesmen. Representing companies online by advertising through many venues. Boy Scout leader for 25 years. Interests: White water kayaking,Backpacking, Camping, Fishing, and doing whatever my Sons want to do. Website: Article Published On: ..articlesnatch.. – Business 相关的主题文章: