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Bread crocks are great at storing bread Bread crocks offer a more traditional type of bread bin for your kitchen Its always a good idea to keep your bread as fresh as possible, as no one wants to eat stale and mouldy old bread. One of the best ways to store bread is in a bread crock, normally referred to as a bread bin. Bread crocks and bread bins are a necessary kitchen item in every household. Modern bread crocks are also appealing as they make your kitchen look more homely and welcoming. Bread crocks are also an important as they help to keep your bread stay fresh longer. Bread crocks are one of the most common items to be found in a kitchen. Bread crocks come along in several shapes and sizes, are made up of different materials and serve various purposes. Most bread crocks are ceramic or also enamel bread crocks. Bread crocks are available in many different styles and designs, yet they tend to offer a more traditional design which can look good in both modern and traditional kitchens. All of these bread crocks serve one sole purpose-keeping the bread as fresh as possible. Popular types of bread crocks are: A popular bread crock is this Terracotta bread crock. … This terracotta bread bin or bread crock is made by the quality bread crock company in Suffolk Henry Watson, which will keep you bread cool and stored safely. The insulating properties of terracotta storage vessels make this an ideal bread crock/bread bin and help maintain an even temperature. The inside of the bread crock/bread bin, excluding the lid is glazed for hygiene and easy cleaning. Will take most ordinary sized loaves. Terracotta bread crocks are characterised by a timeless colour and texture, even though manufacturing methods and designs have naturally evolved over the years. These developments now culminate in a range of bread bins and bread crocks combining practicality, style and quality as never before. This bread bin/bread crock is dishwasher safe. Bread crock features Made by quality bread bin manufacturer Henry Watson The bread bin is dishwasher safe Terracotta bread crock and bread bin buttermilk colour and has a glazed finish This bread crock is a lovely addition to your kitchen Another popular bread crock is this Earthenware Bread crock … This earthenware bread crock for kitchens is an authentic and original design which will suite any kitchen both traditional and modern. This bread crock is made in England from an established pottery who make bread bins that compliment both traditional and contemporary kitchen styles. The bread crock comes in a cream colour and it will make a great kitchen bread bin that will be very collectable and will age with time. Despite the fact that many people have modern kitchens these days this bread crock is one of our most consistent best sellers and will help you store you bread. The bread crock features a solid earthenware lid and has traditional printed font on the bid. One of our most regular best sellers. It is made from a pottery in England that has being making earthenware bread bins since 1800. Bread crock features and benefits Bread crock from the Cream Charlotte Watson range Made from fine cream earthenware with a black printed detail on the front Part of the extensive Charlotte Watson range with many additional items available Bread bin dimension – W 31cm x D 20cm x H 25cm Bread bin colour – Cream with Black printing on front You can view more bread crocks at # # # Ideal bread bin offers a range of bread crocks and bread bins for kitchen both modern and traditional 相关的主题文章: