Breastfeeding baby pull stinger not reliable medical expert no this argument crycry

Breastfeeding baby pull "stinger" not reliable medical expert: not that listen to old people say baby love noisy night, the "pig hair style" rub out. It is said that the baby congenital disease, circle the shoulder back thigh ass baby with breast milk or egg white, there will be a black "stinger"." The day before yesterday, friends @ Lu Yao knows in his online posting said, their breast milk to the baby rub again, actually pulled out the legendary "pig hair style", many novice parents thread and calls from the "pig hair style" is not really ah? "My baby just born then can’t sleep well at night, then according to the old man said, rubbing out black hair pulled out with egg white, baby really slept more stable." A thread mother said. But she also said, do not know what the rub out. Wuhan evening news reporter in the online search found that people really have to give birth to the newborn baby pig hair wind custom. The old explanation is in the infant with congenital disease, the president of the "stinger", take the baby crying every night can not sleep, must put the "pig". Subsequently, the reporter took the road Yao know horsepower upload photos consulted a number of pediatric and Department of dermatology experts, they have said that the medicine has never been such a statement". Hubei Provincial Maternal and Child Health Hospital Department of Dermatology director Zou Xiaoyan carefully identify the photos said, pulling out the so-called "stinger" is likely to be a few months after neonatal vellus hair, will gradually fall off naturally. With milk or egg rub, some substances will make vellus hair thicker and harden up, just like the black thorns. She revealed that the baby’s skin is very delicate, this approach can easily lead to damage to the hair follicles, and even cause infection. Is the egg white protein, it is easy to cause allergic rub. Zou Xiaoyan told reporters, before the Mid Autumn Festival she accepts a full moon baby all night downtown, grandma suddenly scorched by the flames of folk "pig hair wind", his body with the egg white rub a times, really out of the large "black thorn", continue to knead, black thorns are gone. Unexpectedly, after two hours, the children play full body rash, have a look to the hospital, is the egg white induced contact dermatitis. "If you rub off the fetal fat trouble." Zou Xiaoyan explained that the baby has not been born skin oil secretion function, mainly from the maternal fetal fat from the skin to protect and moisturize. Egg white has the role of convergence, adults will have a sense of tension after finishing, the delicate skin of children more likely to cause discomfort.相关的主题文章: