Brother and sister partnership business losses against brother money is no one to death (video) mkdv-02

Brother and sister partnership business losses against brother: money is no one to death recently, with siblings because of debt disputes arising in the case of Lingkou court judge handling the case carefully under the mediation and resolved satisfactorily,. Thanks to the judge to help us resolve the dispute, thanks to the judge for us to restore the family. We hope that the feelings of the brothers and sisters for decades, but also to live in harmony, not to destroy the blood thicker than water. Brothers and sisters at the same time to leave the court at the same time to express my heartfelt gratitude to the judges, and to shake hands with each other and. The plaintiff and the defendant Wang Xiong Mei Wang Department of siblings, the husband of the plaintiff in 2009 due to injuries received 70 thousand yuan compensation, the plaintiff saw the defendant’s business management, profit space, is intended to 70 thousand yuan investment and the business partnership partnership, after one year the market changes, to business losses, to 70 thousand the yuan investment does not profit but also unable to recover the principal, the defendant the plaintiff withdraws due to the proportion of investment is small, and the siblings, and the family economic difficulties, agreed losses borne by themselves, to be relaxed after the amount of funds returned to the plaintiff principal. Due to business losses, caused by the funds can not be recovered. The plaintiff because of family economic difficulties need money repeatedly accused cuiyao failed, parties to the conflict, both sides do not understand each other, it is difficult to communicate. The plaintiff angrily, will be told to the court. The initial hearing of the case, the defendant emotional, strong reaction, that the partnership business, should bear the loss, taking into account the pro brother and sister, and the plaintiff did not allow the plaintiff to bear the loss of family difficulties. Now his business failed, the shortage of funds, are outside the rental housing, the plaintiff is not only understanding yourself, and don’t read Xiongmeizhiqing repeatedly bombarded, not for money but also filed a complaint with the court, and one to death. The facts of the case is clear, direct judgment is easy, but taking into account the relationship between the two sides, the handling of the judge that direct judgment is not conducive to the settlement of conflicts and disputes, there may be exacerbated contradictions, causing instability. So the judge decided to play the family card, the original defendant to find a number of mediation, hoping to restore the friendship between the two brothers and sisters, the real case of the matter. First from the "legal" efforts that otherwise Qianzhaihuanqian as unalterable principles to bear legal responsibility. Secondly, from the "family" efforts, from the reason and folk customs to do the work, and a practical case of persuasion. After the judge repeatedly and feeling of double methods of counsel, they finally open heart knot. Two siblings to the judge and the parties responsible for persistent attitude touched by the defendant, eventually developed a repayment plan to the plaintiff, the second half will be in their own share of compensation in land expropriation compensation to the plaintiff arrears, the plaintiff agrees and applies for the withdrawal of the case, thus draw a satisfactory conclusion, to achieve the unity of legal effect and social the. Note: video only for extended reading. Two people do business because of economic disputes brought to a people lost their lives相关的主题文章: