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Home-Improvement It may be true that India largely speaking is inhabited by a majority of Hindus. But all the same, the fact remains that this great nation has always welcomed with both hands people of other faiths and beliefs who have made India their home. Buddhism is a very good example of this kind of approach to life. Many states here have a significant following of Buddhists. Images and figurines of Buddha in different material and moods available in plenty! Needless to mention, Buddha statues made of different material mean a lot to not just these people but to numerous others who also seem solace and as sense of fulfillment by using these images for different reasons, starting with religious beliefs. Lord Buddha who symbolized peace and harmony has been created in magical pieces wherein he has been shown in the sitting posture, and just with his head, or sitting on a lotus, or in a meditating posture, and so on and so forth. And who can forget the ever popular Laughing Buddha. Though the last mentioned is strictly speaking not a typical Buddha image as we all know it. As mentioned above, the Buddha statues here are made of various material. Starting with high quality wood, to marble to other stones, the choices are endless. And as for the regions and places where such wood work particularly relating to creation of Buddha statues the contradictions in life never seem to cease and amaze all of us to no end. It is Rajasthan, UP, Bihar, Ladakh , Sikkim and a few other north eastern states that lead the way It is the Western and the most craft rich state of Rajasthan again that is holding centre state when it comes to both the propagation of the Buddhist philosophy of life as well as the production of exquisitely carved Buddha statues in different materials. It was Emperor Ashok who made Bairath township in Jaipur region a famous Buddhist centre where all kinds of Buddhism related activities took place and with ample encouragement and financial support from the royalty. More importantly, the highly skilled artisans here started creating these totally out of this world pieces of Buddha in high quality wood, marble and other material that soon caught the imagination of the rest of the world. The Lord Buddha Ji idol in superior quality white wood made by these craftspersons here is a very good case in point. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: