Cangshan Dali exhibition will be held in Yunnan 3u8547

Cangshan shoe — Yunnan Dali ink painting exhibition will open at 2 pm on November 17, 2016, hosted by the China Central Academy of Fine Arts faculty development center teaching creation research series exhibition "Cangshan shoes — Yunnan Dali ink painting exhibition will be opened in the rhyme Hall art gallery. The Exhibition Department Chinese painting Yue Qianshan, Qiu Ting flowers, landscape professional teacher led a total of 26 students, nearly 100 works to Dali Teaching Sketch creation. Observation and experience of more than 20 days deep natural landscape of the leaching into the heart, after Erhai, Shaxi Town, Jianchuan Town, Yindu Shuixiang and other places, like flowers, cloud rhyme let the students have a more profound understanding, the parallel to the paper. Stone temple, 69×39, this paper design, the exhibition is on 2016, Tan Junjie Yunnan Dali sketch creation review is a good discussion of sketch teaching research. The exhibition time is November 17th – November 28th, welcome friends from all walks of life show. The series – Yeluozhiqiu 34×34 paper colors 2016 Jia Tianxue painting flower and bird painting sketch teaching notes: write the meaning of life, anger, life state. Observation method: step by step, see aspects of perception, and far from its potential for its quality in. The process of painting: painting the eyes see, painting the mind, painting aesthetic ideal. Emphasis: the character of the work and the beauty of the pen and ink. Requirements: draw ink language and picture form corresponding to their temperament and image features. —   Yue Qianshan Jianchuan street outside the west, 36×26, watercolor, 2016, not far from the Chen Ping road heart care landscape between the ears, the students every day wandering Valley Village, the concept of cloud changes, Cangshan water color, smooth writing autumn youth. We also have a more comprehensive learning experience on the ancient village building, Heqing, Jianchuan woodcarving silver, clothing dyeing, tea horse road etc. Bai history customs, our Dali trip full of harvest. As Zhu Xi, the so-called "poor physical phenomena of nature, such as reading history should see, things are ignored, are all things." ("Zhu Ziyu class" volume fifteen), heart of nature, this is the key to knowledge, the meaning of the painting. One of the Tinghe — Qiu 246.5×123, ink on paper, 2016, Tinggen hill, 103×95.5, ink on paper, in 2016, the Dragon drunk autumn 240x60cm paper colors Yue Qianshan 2016相关的主题文章: