Can’t wait! Speed Indoorsman third quarter PV open (video) pgd-426

Can’t wait! "Speed Indoorsman" third quarter PV public expected "speed Indoorsman" in the third quarter PV finally disclosed! Although the official broadcast from there for some time, but the PV official also made a lot of fans think the launch time is not far. Speed Indoorsman "speed Indoorsman" is adapted from the original manga animation navigation watanabe. "Speed Indoorsman" is the protagonist of the newborn Onoda Sakado Chiba county total North High School, he is a love of animation, games and Akihabara otaku. In this way, because he did not encounter the same preferences in junior high school students, so he intends to enter the high school must join the animation research department. Just want to join the club but because members of the lack of activity and rest. Faced with this situation, Osaka road began depressed the onoda. On the other hand, is also a freshman, junior high school age is active in all major bicycle race Izumi Shunsuke, one day to see Onoda Sadao a bicycle up the steep slope in the process of training, which officially launched the story. PV after the open, many fans have expressed great expectations, there are fans of the third grade what animation have retired. I believe that when the official broadcast of the animation, we are most concerned about the problem will be answered. The animation is expected to be officially broadcast on January 2017. Click to download Tencent anime APP, see more popular anime相关的主题文章: