Cat Ba – Xa Which

Travel-and-Leisure 366 islands with large, small islands, Cat Ba has many interesting things for you to meet health discovery. One of the attractions are, to the beach, you will always hang over to the beautiful unspoiled beaches, water, sand smooth … Cat Ba are increasingly attracting more tourists, by the attraction of the sea, the forest, the sun, the wind and richness of the biosphere. Cat Ba island road than 1 hour away by high speed clock. Infrastructure for roads, wharfs yards, electricity, restaurants, hotels, markets have been modernized. Two resorts have been constructed in locations where there is the beautiful, always packed passengers. Many projects resorts, ecotourism, golf course under construction … If you do not want to ship a high-speed island, you can ask the local people and guides to design a schedule of fun. Going ships from terminals Ha Long Bay spoiled for sightseeing. Counter top terminals across Cat Ba island, take the car through the national forest, discover a jungle Cat Ba ngut ngt with many beautiful caves, wild. Many beaches and caves any interesting People travel professional that Cat Ba is a natural tourist sites, ecological inseparable. Rent a cruise ship, you can go around Lan Ha Bay, visit over 100 different beaches, large and small, are very beautiful beaches such as: Cat Co 1, Cat Co 2, Bai Bang, Bai Ben Eichhornia, She first beach … Maybe even next to Ha Long Bay, and only takes 4 to 6 pm for spoiled for sightseeing and visit the beach is not your name, the cave is not any fun to list mining. Even in Cat Ba island, you can also visit the Central Page, the Hoa Cuong, the Thien Long, which promises many interesting findings. The Cat She discovered many archaeological relics of Neolithic period, the Ha Long cultural relics and traces of ancient Vietnamese. Today, Cat Ba into national parks, Biosphere Reserves in the world. Sea Cat Ba up to 300 fish, 500 species of soft-bodied and crustaceans, many of which can be used as raw materials for production of fine art you like tortoise, dragon shrimp, pearl oyster, coral, pearl shell, Real Estate Sea … Cat Ba National Park with an area of forest has 15.200m2, just a sea with a variety of rare animals and plants. Cat Ba forest terrain diversity, mainly limestone caves created different. The average elevation of 150m, which has many small pass as Pass Da Lat, Eo Charms Pass, High Pass Item … and large streams throughout the year as spring water block negotiations, Rice Treo streams, springs Vietnam Hai … Cat Ba forest types of rainforest plants with up to 620 species, many species of the Station, Trai Ly, Lat Hoa, Dinh, Kim Giao … Animals in Cat Ba is very rich with 20 species of mammals, 69 birds, 20 reptiles and amphibians, especially species of langur usually lives in the white cliffs coastal cliff – this is a very interesting species you only rarely seen in Cat Ba. A new urban areas are formed in Cat Ba. In the near future, the airport will appear, drag near Cat Ba with the mainland. Cat Ba will become a land of rich features travel Northeast. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: