Catch the shadow of the College of the shadow of the return of Kathy Chow as the director system – S

"Catch demon college flash return" on Kathy Chow served as director of the system – the Sohu entertainment reported by friction orange days orange pictures, Huarui stars, Leroy entertainment, odd tree fish, he Xian uncle, Anhui Xinghuo television media CO produced, odd tree fish exclusive heavyweight magic thriller network movie "catch shock the demon school flash return", in the August 26th day desert boot. The film directed by the strength of Tian Zi orange personally create, and invited the famous Hongkong actress Kathy Chow as the film director. The strength to send the producer, Director + top production standards to create a network in the movie is absolutely fine! Join Kathy Chow teacher’s strength, the biggest highlight of the film is no ground for blame. She won the Taiwan Golden Dragon Award Hongkong outstanding TV actress, is Taiwan’s most popular television actress in Hongkong first, and for three consecutive years was named "Hongkong’s most popular actress". As the master of the College of the shadow of the shadow of the return of the director system, Kathy Chow teachers strive to help young actors grow, support the network and support young film film. In this movie, she will be in the role of the film, please look forward to. At the same time and Taiwan actor Zhang Liwei, South Korea o2o members Zhang Jiayin and other well-known actor, actor lineup. High color value + incarnation of ultimate strength acting BOSS, combat index, index of absolute super five star charm. The magic of the war, "catch demon of triggered at any moment! Flash return" is a magical fantasy horror theme, high-quality campus landscape, grassland, desert, high strength adventure story, and into the Millennium Palace of the Earth, wizards, tarot cards and other magical elements…… For the film texture points considerably, the film tells the story of a super hero to the rescue of Palace of the Earth is adorable uncle ancient magic kidnapped Qian son, drove the chariot to catch demon soul across the school won the hardships and dangers but the way was shining beads, interlink the witch kasuodiya conspiracy…… As a pedestrian has opened the adorable uncle, they were resolutely embarked on the road of demons…… In order to take to create this high quality network, "catch demon college flash return" scene was removed in Arxan, Tianjin, Hebei, Shijiazhuang, for the unique scenery of Tianmo etc., through countless desert and forest, more massive three hundred meters altitude fighting. As a professional actor in the play and enhance the film’s help, the team even carried out the last 4 days of training, the Olympic torch invited point group leader Avia to come back to the cinema and the requirements of the standard strictly, build absolute big productions. It is worth mentioning that the "catch demon flash of return" by the odd tree fish exclusive distribution, is the first collaboration with fish teacher Kathy Chow and Shu Qi, to create a professional production mode and strong and strong, strong combination, will be a masterpiece.相关的主题文章: