Changsha Huang Xing area ” earth king ” engineering grab evil gang destruction (video)

Changsha Huang Xing area " earth king " engineering grab evil gang elimination of Changsha County to destroy the evil gang obstruct subway construction engineering grab the original title: "the earth king" behind the lake Huang Xing area entrenched evil gang destruction; not grab engineering resistance even strike violently in April this year, evil gang members in a construction site by force stop working. Police for members of the gang involved in the construction site of the evil gang. Changsha County police seized an evil gang and arrested 37 people, including 32 people detention. This is the largest number of people involved in the case of Changsha County police involved in criminal gangs. The gang is profiting from the earthworks". To get the project to grab, grab to drag, until the strike violently. They let some migrant workers were afraid to return to the construction site. Entrenched in Changsha County Huang Xing area "earth king" Li Wei (text characters pseudonym) planted. He and 36 accomplices were arrested, of which 32 people were arrested, 5 people were in administrative detention. What Li Wei did was a quick business. In recent years, a large number of key projects have been built Huang Xing area, and earthworks as the basis of the construction of the project, low technology and high profits. The 38 year old Liweila friend Luo Zean, gathered more than social idlers. He is always the first to know where there is a project, not grab project will strike violently. Behind Li Wei is a so-called "Jianghu"". Operating earthwork technology is not high, as long as there are trailers, excavators, hire a few drivers can run. Even if you don’t do it, it’s profitable to turn around. So a large number of idle personnel into the earth to grab business market, the scene has staged a strike violently. Cloth Eyeliner there are new projects where they have more construction projects Huang Xing area, whether or not Li Wei can get the project, he can always know where to build the fastest. Know someone got the construction site right, he mustered the people come to make trouble. Li Wei and why so sensitive? He manoeuvred in various engineering beside good eyeliner, some are under the idlers, some are living in the vicinity of the villagers. In the Li Wei Gang, there are teenagers, middle-aged people. Police investigators said Li Wei long before the contract works, these people are his former construction workers. No time to work, they became the site of the Li Wei robbed, blocking the construction of the hands". Li Wei’s resistance seems to be more technical. Before trouble, Li Wei from the eyeliner to understand the overall situation of the site. When trouble, he sent a group of people have steps to stop work. A group of people blocked the entrance to the site are not allowed into the equipment; a group of people blocking the site, the site to prevent the driver to work, there are a number of people responsible for booing and destruction. For example, the construction site for the construction of the enclosure where usually put some red plastic rope, they will break and tear. People booing is responsible for the site construction personnel abuse, if a little resistance, they will do it. Quite a number of migrant workers to resistance workers to the site in the video provided by the police, a man of medium height, come swaggeringly came to the site a has been paved with red rope, ready to build the ridge side enclosure construction. He stooped to pick up the red rope, a hard pull, will all pull the red rope, circle in the arm, less than a minute, near the ridge cloth)相关的主题文章: