Cheer Chen Beijing concert 3 hours to relive the classic boyfriend as the producer

Cheer Chen Beijing concert 3 hours to relive the classic boyfriend Ren producer Cheer Chen Beijing concert of Nanyin paper Intern Jin Xiwen Sina entertainment news on September 9th, Cheer Chen in the room "concert" in Beijing Beizhan theatre concert. Following the 2008 Beijing concert, she returned to the starting point, in the three hours of the show to sing from his debut so far to create more than twenty-five kinds of styles of classical repertoire. And music fans chat with the original intention to share their music along the way and music. Cheer Chen said the concert music producer boyfriend Zhong Chenghu [micro-blog], attracted some fans excited scream. Two people from 2001 to establish a relationship, has been in the past 15 years. With a fresh "let me think" opening, Cheer Chen wearing a white sleeveless shirt, holding a guitar in the room, Chen said, when she wrote this song in a mouse’s dormitory, then she love wearing plaid shirt to wear glasses. To a friend "to go to England next week", written by a friend encouraged "Minuet in the low tide period, because the songs often stay in the room late at night and the" sun "in the creation, to go to school on the bus" too clever "…… Cheer Chen sat in his home from the special chair, side and side and share their own from the shop to the first North witch concert to return to the starting point of the history of music today. The concert stage design is simple, the table is only arranged two sofas, a few carpet, a retro TV, there are three of her most often playing the guitar, alternate use. Cheer Chen said that the concert theme is "room", so she let the external objects try to gauge zero, showing recent real room furnishings, and they usually write most of the time it is in your own room. Said with a smile "into the room are all good friends, invited to chat with everyone in the room. The concert was recorded as Demo, impromptu monologue and Cheer Chen joke this is "a letter to the creators of talented people, there are more empty space." The performance is divided into the second half, as well as 15 minutes of halftime. In the first half Cheer Chen staged real unplugged show "Platon’s love", no phone, no sound, only she was playing acoustic guitar singing loudly. Sing "night" at the invitation of fans came to power for their own guidance shake maracas soundtrack. Cheer Chen also playfully "Ming" jokes, asked the fans how to use "good" sentences, the correct answer is "Cheer Chen good at telling jokes". At the beginning of the second half in piano performance "too clever", "travel significance" caused by the fans screaming, "shouted again". After half a cello and oboe accompaniment, Cheer Chen did not forget the questions let the musicians to improvise melodies. When Cheer Chen sings "1234567" domineering LED fans to use their body as a musical instrument clapping stomping, then music, math exam fans. A "1234567", "fans responded first sou tracy". Cheer Chen then asked the staff to help with their fans photo, in order not to block the Cheer Chen fans even funny lying on the ground. )相关的主题文章: