China fire kills 3 Korean waters fishing fishery disputes when

China fire kills 3 Korean waters fishing fishery disputes when the original title: China fishing boats in South Korean waters and fire 3 people died, the fishery disputes when? According to South Korean media reports, a Chinese fishing boat caught fire in South Korea yesterday, 3 crew members died. Today morning, foreign affairs son (WeChat ID:xjb-waishier) China line in South Korea Consulate General in Kwangju, a consular officer said, indeed, has been with South Korea to negotiate, cause of the accident is under investigation. In the press conference at the meeting, the foreign ministry spokesman Geng Shuang said, the Ministry of foreign affairs and the embassy and consulates in South Korea have made representations to the ROK, South Korea asked the proper placement of the crew were rescued and save the victims of the remains of the crew involved, protection of fishing vessels and the scene of the fire, as soon as possible and combined to carry out a comprehensive, objective and impartial accident survey. According to several large South Korean media reports, the whole thing is like this: the incident occurred in Jeonnam Xin’an County Red Island about 70 kilometers southwest of Mokpo, on the coast guard vessels Chinese boarding, because the cockpit and machine room was locked, several police smashed the glass cockpit and put 3 pieces of sonic bomb, then fishing fire. What is the sonic bomb? It is a kind of non – destructive weapon that makes people lose their ability to make use of loud noises. Not only will make a noise bomb popping moment, will smoke. Then, the death of a crew of 3 and why? According to South Korean media reports, police found 3 crew members in the machine room, but was not breathing and pulse signs. Police initially believed that 3 people died of suffocation. That is to say, the whole thing is likely that South Korean coastguard launched bomb caused sonic fishing boat caught fire, and the fire smoke caused 3 boats died of suffocation. However, the South Korean National Security Department Security Department of the central marine garrison policy propaganda department spokesman Li Dahang told the foreign children (WeChat ID:xjb-waishier), sonic bomb is cast in the search process, the investigation is ongoing, as to when to announce the findings, given by the West Sea, they will be objective investigation. We look forward to a fair investigation from South korea. But a difficult problem to solve is that South Korean coastguard boats and Chinese in conflict occurred frequently, casualties are also many. A Chinese fishing boat collided with a South Korean law enforcement ship in December 18, 2010, killing 10 sailors. In December 12, 2011 the seizure of "illegal fishing" China boats, a South Korean coastguard crew was Chinese with glass fragments after the assassination, died. In October 16, 2012, Korea maritime police found more than 30 ships "illegal fishing" in the process of China fishing boats, to control the Chinese crew, a coast guard crew was fired rubber bullets hit after death. In October 10, 2014 Chinese fishing "Lu Rongyu 50987" by the Korea maritime police interrogation, the two sides clashed, 45 year old captain song Houmo shot dead. The conflict between the two countries in the media and the public caused a very 3相关的主题文章: