China to create a diameter of 10 m heavy rocket with aluminum ring broken world record-aspack

China created 10 meters in diameter class is 10 meters in diameter detection of heavy rocket rockets, aluminum aluminum ring ring with the world record SWA staff. (SWA for map) original title: SWA successfully developed rockets, 10 meters in diameter aluminum ring to refresh the world record according to the Chongqing Daily reported that in August 27th, the reporter from the Aluminium Corp Southwest Aluminum Industry Group was informed that recently successfully developed SWA Aluminum Alloy diameter 10 meters with a ring of heavy rocket, in the whole world Aluminum Alloy refresh the ring record at the same time, also let China’s deep space exploration equipment hardware capabilities are greatly enhanced. "10 meters overall aluminum alloy ring successfully developed in the domestic and even the world’s space is the first case." SWA chairman Zhang Jilong introduction, the successful development of the 10 meters super large Aluminum Alloy ring, is the key structural connection between the heavy Rocket Tank of the cylinder, and the bottom of the rocket before and after the box section, is China’s heavy rocket development to make a new breakthrough of the key material, its manufacturing technology is a major problem for the urgent need to break through. SWA researchers said last year, Tianjin Special Steel Forging Co. Ltd. SWA and R & D cooperation, through the large diameter overall Aluminum Alloy ring manufacturing technology, successfully developed the world’s largest diameter 9 meters overall level Aluminum Alloy ring. However, with the continuous development of China’s heavy launch vehicle engineering, the higher performance of large aluminum alloy ring. In order to seize the commanding heights of industry, to meet the needs of national development of the aerospace industry, SWA initiated a diameter of 10 meters the overall level of ring development research. "Heavy launch rocket structure for super large thin-walled structure, with geometric structure of large scale, low stiffness, high shape precision, which means that as the key structure of the whole ring manufacturing process technology is facing a new challenge." SWA general manager Li Yong said, compared to the 9 m level overall Aluminum Alloy ring, 10 meters overall Aluminum Alloy ring to bear the heavy load, high impact, low temperature even more, with the diameter increasing, development is more difficult. In order to ensure the successful development of SWA established set technology, production, maintenance personnel as one of the R & D team, after more than a year of research, finally took the rolling forming, heat treatment, cold deformation and other key technologies, developed a large size Aluminum Alloy overall 10 meters in diameter of the ring. Compared with the previous 9 meters of the whole ring, the overall performance of the index of the overall level of the 10 meter class is better, the process control is more stable, the size of the ring is completely in line with the design requirements, and the surface of the ring is smooth and free of defects, and the precision is better than expected. With the continuous development of the National Aeronautics and Astronautics, the higher performance of large ring put forward higher demand. In 2012, China Aerospace Science and technology group, which is responsible for the manufacture and development of aerospace equipment, such as the Shenzhou spacecraft, the long march rocket, and so on, put forward the requirement of manufacturing 9 meter class super large aluminum alloy ring. Allegedly, the ultra large ring of traditional manufacturing method is based on the casting and welding process, but the two were unable to meet the requirements of the required performance under heavy load and high impact, temperature and other harsh working conditions, we have to adopt a new manufacturing process of the whole, and then the research and development of technology in China is blank. To meet the needs of the development of the national aerospace industry, occupy the commanding heights of the industry, 2014.相关的主题文章: