China will not heartache expedition to Uzbekistan – Sohu news today 4000dy

After the Orangemen will not hurt the expedition to Uzbekistan today – Sohu China news team in Xi’an home court to a ball team lost to Syria, Chinese Football Association President Cai Zhenhua visited the team as usual, for the generals, Cai Zhenhua not only encouraged the criticism, but in the home court losing a most should not lose the game, the players’ emotion. As can be imagined. In this case, the team management and coaching staff decided to give up yesterday all the outdoor training, and the team will be on the morning of 11 pm to leave Xi’an to Uzbekistan, Tashkent to prepare for the World Cup Asian zone 12 finals fourth round of the tournament, so China team acquired the adjustment time of about two days, and this precious the time is beneficial to the team "to heal my wounds". Last night, Cai Zhenhua who appeared in the Xi’an Shaanxi stadium stands, he also witnessed the whole process Chinese team suffered embarrassing defeat. 3 and 2 negative level 1, China team in the 12 match in the early journey encountered out of crisis, Cai Zhenhua as chairman of the Football Association China afraid heart is difficult to calm down. But for the team’s love, he was as usual after the visit the team. It is understood that Cai Zhenhua was sure the team’s fighting spirit, and encourage the team not to give up on trying to win to qualify desire can not abandon. However, after the show from the look, the players’ heart can’t be calm, in the home court after the team lost to Syria, Chinese team hit much confidence. Although the coach Gao Hongbo said after the game, the team to spare no effort for the rest of the 7 round, but it is clear that the Chinese team in the technical and tactical level to make positive adjustments, the first need to adjust the state of mind. Yesterday, Xi’an still rainy, cold weather easily a bleak mood. In this case, the team management and coaching team finally decided not to arrange any outdoor training yesterday, but arranged for the players to restore the body in the resident hotel. The purpose of this arrangement is to let the players as soon as possible to ease the fatigue of the body, on the other hand is to help the players forget the defeat as soon as possible, to cheer up. Yesterday morning, Chinese Football Association Secretary General Zhang Jian left Xi’an to return to Beijing by plane, with machine and technology department director of the association of Li Feiyu and German technical adviser Stephen, they also witnessed the last night that the Orangemen defeated crisp, Chinese Football Association technical department also has the responsibility that competition combined with the data and information in a timely manner to the national team transfer valuable suggestions. According to the plan, the Chinese team will be around 11 this morning to charter flights to Uzbekistan, Tashkent, preparing for the next round of the match against the Uzbekistan team in the next round of the top 12 games. Now, the football association is still as in the past to China behind Gao Hongbo and the team, but after last night’s defeat, the outside world has on the Gao Hongbo in question, for he and China team, won the Uzbekistan team is much more difficult than win the Syria team, but at this juncture, when approaching a crisis of confidence, the team only Our wills unite like a fortress.. "A desperate fight". It is understood that Cai Zhenhua and Zhang Jian are going to the Football Association Chinese leading Uzbekistan match, Chinese team should also go, as far as possible. Newspaper Xi’an special blush相关的主题文章: