Chongyang this year than last year early 12 days now referred to as the old festival to Beijing – in

Chongyang this year than last year "early" 12 days now referred to as the "old festival" to Beijing for – in October 7 Tianjin Xinhua Xinhua (reporter Zhou Runjian) "nine day Chongyang, Miaki Maminari." The Double Ninth Festival will usher in October 9th. Careful people will find that last year’s festival in the Gregorian calendar in October 21st next year, the corresponding Gregorian date is October 28th, which means that this year the festival 12 days earlier than last year, compared to 19 days early next year. The same is the Double Ninth Festival, why the Gregorian calendar date will be worse so many days? Astronomy experts explained that the festival is a festival of the lunar Chinese current. A lunar year than a return to the number of days less than 11 days or so, in the next 3 years, less than 1 months. Over time, there will be timing and seasonal disorder phenomenon. In order to solve this problem, with the increase of "leap month", "run" method is 7 19 years, namely, plus 7 lunar leap year in 19 years. Astronomy experts said, because China’s ingenious arrangement of calendar "leap", corresponding to the Gregorian calendar year festival days are always either ahead of time about 11 days, or 19 days later. Not only the Double Ninth Festival, either a fixed day lunar new year will have a similar swing in the Gregorian calendar. It is understood that the Double Ninth Festival in China has a history of over 1000 years, and weighing nine, dogwood Festival, the chrysanthemum Festival, Climbing Festival, a festival for the elderly, elderly day. In July 1, 2013 the implementation of the "elderly protection law" stipulates that every the 9th day of the ninth month of the Chinese lunar calendar as the old section". Statistics show that as of the end of 2015, China’s elderly population aged 60 and over a total of 222 million people, accounting for about 16.1% of the total population. "Since ancient times, the Double Ninth Festival meaning Peace Harmony, health and longevity." Tianjin folk expert and columnist by the National Day said, with the development of the times, the Double Ninth Festival has been given a new meaning. Double Ninth Festival is a national holiday, reflecting the state of the elderly care and attention, should also measure the positive response to population aging, but also let more young people realize the importance of family and inheritance of "filial piety". "Is an important symbol of social civilization and harmony respecting, attention should be paid to and carry forward."相关的主题文章: