Colleagues married to help Ningbo man was accused of losing 120 thousand whereisip

Ningbo man is married to help colleagues accused the court lost 120 thousand this is a happy event, he is kind help, but did not expect to get nearly two years of dispute, when the defendant and when the plaintiff, former colleagues called disappeared, Ningbo Ninghai Mr. Wang is really no place to say bitter. It all comes from a car accident two years ago. Wang and Li Mouceng is a Ninghai auto 4S shop colleagues, two years ago, Lee Wang participated in the wedding invitation. Wedding day, a couple of college students came from the field, but Lee was unable to hand out to the train station. Lee looked puzzled, Wang said that the initiative can drive their own cars to pick up. But I did not expect to come back on the road unfortunate accident, the car a few people have varying degrees of injury. A few months later, the passengers sued Wang, the owner and the other side of the insurance company. After the Ninghai court, the removal of the insurance company’s compensation, Wang individuals still need to bear all kinds of litigation costs, including damages of about 120 thousand yuan. After the event, Wang Mou to find consultations on the sharing of economic losses. Wang believes that although the accident was not directly related to Lee, but not to help Lee to pick up the guests, they will not be injured, but will not be sued for compensation 120 thousand. This large loss, Wang hopes to share half Li Mouneng. Unexpectedly, Lee insisted that Wang to pick up the guest is voluntary, and a car accident on his way there is no relationship with yourself, determined not to agree to share the loss, just went to Wang said "try to find an insurance company". The relationship between the two sides to each other, is also getting worse. Stalemate continued until July of this year, Wang felt no further consultation effect, he will sue on the court, requiring Lee to compensate 60 thousand yuan. After the judge to understand the situation, taking into account the relationship between Wang and Lee is very good, the organization face to face mediation, inviting both sides to recognize the family and friends to participate in. Finally, the two sides have concessions, Lee Wang agreed to compensate the loss of 35000 yuan, and the money is settled on the spot. Ninghai court judge explained that the legal relationship identified in this case there is a dispute. Focus on whether the two sides formed obligation helper relation. Such as the formation, according to the "Supreme People’s Court on Several Issues concerning the application of law in the trial of personal injury compensation cases the interpretation of" thirteenth "for others to provide free services for workers engaged in helper activities causing the damage, the helped party shall bear the obligation of compensation. Is to help workers clearly refuses the work, is not liable for damages."相关的主题文章: